Chevy HD's Testimonial

Chevy HD’s Testimonial

We’ve heard they travel in packs, check out this photo send in by Deelia Doxey of Freeport, FL. Here’s what Deelia had this to say, “2003, 2005, & 2008 Chevy 2500HDs all with 7” BDS-Suspension Lift Kits! Built by Superior Automotive & Fabrication – Best product on the market! Thanks for everything y’all have done for us […]

BDS F250 takes on Moab, UT

BDS F250 takes on Moab, UT

After a long haul across country for Easter Jeep Safari, the BDS hit the trail for the annual Fullsize Invasion to show the big trucks aren’t scared to wheel out in Moab. While it isn’t as nimble as a short wheelbase rig or as capable with open diffs, where’s something to say for pushing the limits […]