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BDS Install in Four Wheeler Magazine (Sept '11 Issue)

BDS Install in Four Wheeler Magazine (Sept ’11 Issue)

Just got my newest issue of Four Wheeler Magazine in the mail. It’s loaded with great articles, quality tech, event coverage, and install articles like the BDS 6” High Clearance Lift Kit for the ’09-11 Ford F150 4WD. Pick up for copy of the magazine and check out the article starting on page 56 of […]

Outback Adventure Recap

Outback Adventure Recap

4×4 Outback Adventure Nestled in the backwoods of Eau Claire, Pennsylvania, the 4×4 Outback Adventure has terrain to challenge offroaders of all levels. BDS made the 5hr trip to enjoy a weekend of 4wheeling, meet some of our customers, and hang out with the crew from Meridian Off Road. After some rain the night before […]