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BDS's weekly "Not A BDS" Posts Continue 1-Year Later

BDS’s weekly “Not A BDS” Posts Continue 1-Year Later

It started out as a fun Friday incentive to post comically horrific suspension hack jobs on the BDS Facebook page, one year later Friday F*Up continues to amuse the masses with no signs of letting up. Each Friday, BDS posts a glorious example of what not to do to your ride, a “what the hell were they […]

Upcoming Events: Outback, Indy, OK, & Expo

Upcoming Events: Outback, Indy, OK, & Expo

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but our event schedule is still in full swing. It’s been a busy Summer, filled with Jeep Shows, 4Wheel Jamborees, open houses, and the Ultimate Adventure keeping all of us here at BDS on our toes, out and about around the country and outside its borders. As […]