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BDS Project Raider Wheels Bundy Hill Offroad

BDS Project Raider Wheels Bundy Hill Offroad

Over the last couple months BDS’s Project Raider has grown up, starting out equipped with the BDS 2.5″ coilover conversion on 35s, these days the HD Duramax is outfitted with the new BDS 6.5″ coilover conversion high clearance system on 40″ Nittos (with fender modification). Usually on tow vehicle duty, this past weekend Project Raider […]

BDS Project Ascension

BDS Project Ascension: Finished up and heading to Vegas

The team worked long hours to button up loose ends and dial in the details as Project Ascension, our 2017 Ford Super Duty build, is loaded up and ready to head west bound for the 2000-mile drive out to Vegas for the 2016 SEMA Show.