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  1. Mark
    Mark at | | Reply

    Just purchased 6 inch system.Cant wait to put it on next week.Will gve feedback after installation.

  2. Ken coet
    Ken coet at | | Reply

    Did you get the lift installed yet? What tires are you running? How’s the 3.5 liter power with the bigger tires? Thanks

  3. Derick
    Derick at | | Reply

    Any updates yet on the new system?

  4. Sid
    Sid at | | Reply

    I’d love to get a wider rim on it. Is this possible?

  5. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Does this kit require cutting the factory cross member?

  6. Lee
    Lee at | | Reply

    What happened to the FOX UCA option you use to offer with this?

  7. Doug
    Doug at | | Reply

    Do they have any issues with TCS with the 6 inch lift and 35’s??

  8. ben
    ben at | | Reply

    Do the lifts maintain that factory width with the lift? Or does the track width go wider?

  9. Darryl
    Darryl at | | Reply

    Ive heard guys using the Foc Coil Overs for the 4 inch lift kit is this true?

  10. juan maza
    juan maza at | | Reply

    How much money for installation for the 6 inch kit

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