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  1. Joel Sein
    Joel Sein at | | Reply

    Any chances there will be a kit like this for a 99 to 06 1500?

  2. Joel Sein
    Joel Sein at | | Reply

    No problem, thanks!

  3. Bill Lamb
    Bill Lamb at | | Reply

    I would like a kit like that for my 2008 GMC Sierra 3500. Any chance that kit would work?

  4. John
    John at | | Reply

    Would love to see a coilover conversion for 01-10 GM 2500/3500 HD!!

  5. Danny
    Danny at | | Reply

    If this was for 01-10 2500hd I would buy right now. Hope it’s in the future.

  6. Dwayne Cantrell
    Dwayne Cantrell at | | Reply

    Will this kit work on a 2006 HUMMER H2

  7. Jamie turner
    Jamie turner at | | Reply

    Can this kit be configured with the BDS 6.5″ lift for a 2015 GMC 2500 HD

  8. Joe
    Joe at | | Reply

    How often does your facility produce new products? Would love to see this conversion for the 99-06 Silverado/ Sierra1500! I personally would buy now.

  9. Matt
    Matt at | | Reply

    I have a 2007 2500HD and would love to see a coilover conversion kit for the 01-10 model years.

  10. Jesus
    Jesus at | | Reply

    Could you fit 37 with fiberglass fenders

  11. Zach
    Zach at | | Reply

    Seeing a lot of guys asking about it for 01-10. Has any work been done on this or are we kicking rocks?

  12. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    I have a 2015 silverado 1500 aluminum UCAs with your 6 inch lift with fox front and back. Will a 18 inch wheel with -24 offset fit with a 35/12.50/18 tire.

  13. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    I know a 325/65/18 tire is .3 inches wider and .4 inches not as tall but would that size fit to?

  14. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    The width of the wheel is 10. As of right now i have a 295 65 18 tire on there with 18 wheel – 24 offset and 10 inches wide. Just trying to see iff 325/65/18 will fit. I know some trimming may he involved.

  15. Gary Melgoza
    Gary Melgoza at | | Reply

    I would really like to see a coil over kit for a 2007 HD classic. I’ve been searching for a kit the longest and I have a couple of friends that would like one too. Please please fab up a kit, I know they will sell….
    Thank you,

  16. Clinton M Bullock
    Clinton M Bullock at | | Reply

    Do you offer any kits that are 2-3″ for a 2006 HD Duramax. I thought I saw one at the Indy fall jamboree? Thanks!

  17. Andrew
    Andrew at | | Reply

    What size coilovers would it take in the front if I wanna buy kings? Or are the fox shocks valaved like super perfect for the duramax weight

  18. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Hi.just curious so a 2016 Duramax on a factory 20 cannot run a 35×12.50 with this lift? I’d like to run my stock 20s with this setup thank you

  19. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    Do you have this kit preset at2.5 for a gas 2015 hd and do I have to run rear block?My truck is currently leveled with cognito arms it sets level and I have nitto g2 35/12.50/20 tires on it now .Ilike this stance but I would like the coil springs .What do you recommend?Thanks Scott

  20. Robbie
    Robbie at | | Reply

    I love this setup, but I would really like to see this for the 01-10 HD trucks. I’m sure there is a huge market for owners with these trucks as they are considerably cheaper and many are paid for leaving more money for stuff like this. Not everyone can go buy a brand new 70k duramax then spend another $7,000 in wheels, tires, and suspension.

    If you made this for the 01-10 trucks I would gladly remove my 4-6 lift from a competitor and go to this setup. I’m looking to go with a 2″ lift with 37’s and fiberglass fenders on my 06 duramax.

  21. Denis
    Denis at | | Reply

    You guys really need to develop a kit for 01-10. You would sell so many of these kits. I want one real bad…

  22. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Will there be a 4.5′ C/O kit

  23. Ryan
    Ryan at | | Reply

    Hey guys, yet another request for the C/O system for the 01-10 HD trucks. I have a 2004.5 with a Fabtech 6″ lift but I really hate the ride and ant to trade for the coilovers and a set of deavers in the rear. I really hope you guys get this going soon before someone else does as you well know the market is huge for this setup.



  24. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    It says you get a 30% increase in travel but I am having a hard time finding the factory specs for wheel travel on a 2016 gmc 2500 hd.
    So what is a rough estimate of front wheel travel with this kit installed?
    Thanks Mike

  25. Denis
    Denis at | | Reply

    Is it possible to modify this kit to work on the 01-10 models?

  26. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Does this kit affect the minimum diameter wheel usable? Looking to run 17’s or 18’s in Australia as a more common tire size is available.

  27. Woods
    Woods at | | Reply

    Just to clarify on Paul’s question, with the 2.5″ coil-over kit, I could run 18″ wheels as long as they have 5 to 5.5″ backspacing? My preference would be for something like an 18×9 rim with +20mm offset running something like 295/70 tires. I’ve got stock 18×9’s on the truck but they have something like a +44mm offset which I think is a 6″ backspacing.

  28. Jason
    Jason at | | Reply

    Also putting in a request for a kit for my 2006 LBZ. When someone finally puts out this kit, it will sell like hot cakes! Cant wait its exactly what I’m looking for!

  29. Dylan
    Dylan at | | Reply

    If you guys made a 1-10 GM HD coilover conversion kit I would definitely buy one, and I hope we don’t have to wait until 2018 for it to come out.
    Thanks, Dylan

  30. jeffrey buckingham
    jeffrey buckingham at | | Reply

    REALLY need a kit for the 01-10 2500hd, this would sell fast

  31. ibrahim
    ibrahim at | | Reply

    is there a plan to do a coilover conversion for Toyota land cruiser 100 series?

  32. Victor
    Victor at | | Reply

    Another request for 01-10 2500HD….

  33. Ken
    Ken at | | Reply

    If a guy only needed a set of those reservoir mounts, can I get those ? It’s for a 2017 GMC 2500 HD. I’m after buying 2 sets of different ones now and both did not fit my truck properly You can just email me back.

  34. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    I have sent a couple of emails to the tech department with no response. Hopefully I’ll have more luck here:

    – Does the kit carry over to the ’18 trucks?
    – Do you have the option of adding bump stops and rear leaves as per the “Project Raider” truck?
    – Confirming my previous post above that 17×8.5 0 offset, 4.75 backspacing wheels can be used? Or would an 18×9 18/5.75 clear better for approx 35×12.5 tyres
    – Are there any steering components altered? I am in Australia and my truck would be converted to RHD. Just need to know if there will be any issues.
    – What other components should be beefed up? tierods, idler arms, pitman arms
    – Could you give me packed dimensions including weight for shipping?

    Happy for you to email.

  35. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter,

    All valuable information.
    – Clarifying that you don’t have an option for front bumpstops either?
    – the method wheels I want don’t come in 5in backspacing.
    – i’ll email Ron and hope for a reply.

  36. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter,

    So I could fit 1/4in wheel spacers to achieve 5in backspacing on the 17×8.5 4.75in wheels? That would be easily achievable. Is there much involved in adding the bumpstops?

  37. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter. That was pretty stupid of me thinking it worked the other way. Is the issue clearing the suspension arms or the fenders/valance etc? Each back spacing either side of 5in would have pros and cons for both I imagine.

  38. Paul
    Paul at | | Reply

    If the control arms are the issue, wouldn’t a lesser backspace be more suitable. I’m struggling to get my head around why a 4.75 backspace would not work? Or is this now just a fender and valance trimming issue for 35’s? Slim pickings for a 17in wheel with 5in backspace.

  39. John Rapponotti
    John Rapponotti at | | Reply

    At Sema this year there was a image of this kit for the 01 to 10 with the coming soon on it any news on when soon is

  40. John Rapponotti
    John Rapponotti at | | Reply

    That’s grate will the price point for the 01-10 HD kit be the same?

  41. Erik Christenson
    Erik Christenson at | | Reply

    Having ing the 3″ Coilover kit installed next week and wanted to get your take on running a 20 x 10 wheel with 4.75 backspacing and 305/55 R20 tires. Will I need to trim much and if so where? They have the wheel I want in 20×9 5″ BS but want a little more stout stance. Thanks!!

  42. Blaine Richardson
    Blaine Richardson at | | Reply

    +1 for the 01-10 HD kit!

  43. Cody
    Cody at | | Reply

    Will the 2.5″ coilover conversion work on a 2017 dually with stock wheels?

  44. Scott
    Scott at | | Reply

    With this kit on a 2016 chevy 2500 will it fit in a standard garage? How tall would the truck be if it has on 35” tires with this kit?

  45. Juan
    Juan at | | Reply

    Its possible put this kit in a hummer h2 2005? suspensions are the same right? Chevy, GMC, Hummer….

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