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  1. Keith
    Keith at | | Reply

    Thank You!

  2. Ryan Kerr
    Ryan Kerr at | | Reply

    God Bless you BDS!

  3. Eric
    Eric at | | Reply

    Is magneride better than fox setup

  4. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    Hi I have a 2017 gmc Denali 1500 4wd with MagneRide. From reading your last post you sent to Eric, I’m under the impression I can’t upgrade to Fox 2.5 coilover system because I have magneride?? If this is not true let me know cause I really want coilovers.

  5. Murad
    Murad at | | Reply

    Wow, i have a denali, so there so no way we can switch to a coilover kit? No way around?

  6. Jonathan P
    Jonathan P at | | Reply

    I have a 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ with Maneride suspension and have been looking for a way to lift the truck. This may be my only hope. Is BDS planning or already have a way to put a 6” kit on a Suburban with Magneride ? Please tell me there is s way to do this.

  7. Adrian
    Adrian at | | Reply

    compatible with 2017?

  8. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    Is bds planning on making a 4″ lift for magneride.

  9. Bill
    Bill at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 GMC Sierra will stock rims work after a 6” lift installed?

  10. Jay Emiano
    Jay Emiano at | | Reply

    Hi, I know this kit is meant for 2014-2016 GMC trucks with Magenride, is this compatible for the 2017 Sierra Denali with Magneride? Im not seeing another kit for the 2017. Appreciate the response.

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