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  1. Andy
    Andy at | | Reply

    I purchased this kit for my 3500HD SRW Duramax and the rivet nuts do not fit the hole. The hole is 3/4 of and inch and the rivet nuts are 11/16 of an inch. Any input? I have looked locally for the correct parts but no luck so far.

  2. Mitch
    Mitch at | | Reply

    Does this fit 2017 models?

  3. William Clark
    William Clark at | | Reply

    Does this kit work in conjunction with the cognition steering brace kit?

    1. mike mcclendon
      mike mcclendon at | | Reply


      Hello i have the 4″ cognito lift box kit with steering braces. Did this stabilizer work for you
      just called cognito and they are intrigued as to what is going on with this product.

  4. Hamed
    Hamed at | | Reply

    Do u have a kit which fits 2014 Sierra Denali 1500? My truck is lifted 3”

  5. Robert Ode
    Robert Ode at | | Reply

    Do you sell the bracket kit by itself a d will it work with the bilstein stabilizer

  6. Sam
    Sam at | | Reply

    Will it work on a 2016 2500 work truck 2 wheel drive

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