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  1. charles
    charles at | | Reply

    is that the 1 inch or 2 inch kit on the black Ford in the photos, and what size tires are those, this is exactly the look I want for my truck

  2. Shad
    Shad at | | Reply

    When is the 4″ – 4 link with coil overs coming out for the 17 f250? I just bought one and it needs lifted now!

  3. Andrew Carpenter
    Andrew Carpenter at | | Reply

    I have a 2017 F350 Platinum 4×4 and I would like to know which lift would be required to fit 20X12″ wheels with 35×12.50 tires. Thanks for your advice.

  4. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    Will 2″ Level Kit work for 35 x 12.5 x 20 tires and 10″ wheels? what would the offset be? I know the 9″ should work but would like deeper look.

  5. Sean
    Sean at | | Reply

    I’ve purchased a 2017 F250 crew 4×4 that comes with LT275/65Rx20E OWL A/T tires which are 34.1 inches tall and 10.8 inches wide on the stock 20′ wheels as it comes from the factory. I just want to up it a notch to 35×12.5(or 11.5 not sure yet)x20’s back onto the stock wheels. I’m really only looking for a level look on the body with your kit so would a 1″kit suffice or do I need to go 2″ to achieve it?

  6. Craig Reiman
    Craig Reiman at | | Reply

    I have 2017 super duty 250 regular cab and need to bring the back down 1in. or 2in. I need to get a little more clearance to get into my garage. Thx Craig

  7. warren
    warren at | | Reply

    Hi Carter. Ordered the new 2017 F350 dually. I want to fill as much as possible the fender gap on a stock suspension. I’m want to get the 22.5s with 255/70/22.5 tires which is about 36.5″ diameter and 10″ wide. Do I need to put any leveling block? If needed, will a 1″ leveling block be enough? Thanks

  8. warren
    warren at | | Reply

    I want

  9. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    Is it also recommended with the 2 inch level, a track bar drop bracket?

  10. Lee
    Lee at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,
    I just purchased a 2017 F350 4×4 and want to fit 35″x12.5″x20” wheels and tires. I’ve seen above that a 2″ lift should not rub in most situations depending on the off-set. My question is should I just add the blocks or should I also install your FOX shocks all around to make up for the loss in travel? Thank you.

  11. Alejandro
    Alejandro at | | Reply

    Is the 1″ leveling kit sufficient to clear 295/60r20(34.25×11.5″) tires with a -12mm offset wheel?

  12. Tom
    Tom at | | Reply

    Carter – Can you tell me what part number that I need for a 17 ford f350 drw, 4×4, diesel (stock height) ? I see the rear part number on the website.

  13. Tom
    Tom at | | Reply

    Thank You!

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