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  1. charles
    charles at | | Reply

    is that the 1 inch or 2 inch kit on the black Ford in the photos, and what size tires are those, this is exactly the look I want for my truck

  2. Shad
    Shad at | | Reply

    When is the 4″ – 4 link with coil overs coming out for the 17 f250? I just bought one and it needs lifted now!

  3. Andrew Carpenter
    Andrew Carpenter at | | Reply

    I have a 2017 F350 Platinum 4×4 and I would like to know which lift would be required to fit 20X12″ wheels with 35×12.50 tires. Thanks for your advice.

  4. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    Will 2″ Level Kit work for 35 x 12.5 x 20 tires and 10″ wheels? what would the offset be? I know the 9″ should work but would like deeper look.

  5. Sean
    Sean at | | Reply

    I’ve purchased a 2017 F250 crew 4×4 that comes with LT275/65Rx20E OWL A/T tires which are 34.1 inches tall and 10.8 inches wide on the stock 20′ wheels as it comes from the factory. I just want to up it a notch to 35×12.5(or 11.5 not sure yet)x20’s back onto the stock wheels. I’m really only looking for a level look on the body with your kit so would a 1″kit suffice or do I need to go 2″ to achieve it?

  6. Craig Reiman
    Craig Reiman at | | Reply

    I have 2017 super duty 250 regular cab and need to bring the back down 1in. or 2in. I need to get a little more clearance to get into my garage. Thx Craig

  7. warren
    warren at | | Reply

    Hi Carter. Ordered the new 2017 F350 dually. I want to fill as much as possible the fender gap on a stock suspension. I’m want to get the 22.5s with 255/70/22.5 tires which is about 36.5″ diameter and 10″ wide. Do I need to put any leveling block? If needed, will a 1″ leveling block be enough? Thanks

  8. warren
    warren at | | Reply

    I want

  9. Gary
    Gary at | | Reply

    Is it also recommended with the 2 inch level, a track bar drop bracket?

  10. Lee
    Lee at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,
    I just purchased a 2017 F350 4×4 and want to fit 35″x12.5″x20” wheels and tires. I’ve seen above that a 2″ lift should not rub in most situations depending on the off-set. My question is should I just add the blocks or should I also install your FOX shocks all around to make up for the loss in travel? Thank you.

  11. Alejandro
    Alejandro at | | Reply

    Is the 1″ leveling kit sufficient to clear 295/60r20(34.25×11.5″) tires with a -12mm offset wheel?

  12. Tom
    Tom at | | Reply

    Carter – Can you tell me what part number that I need for a 17 ford f350 drw, 4×4, diesel (stock height) ? I see the rear part number on the website.

  13. Tom
    Tom at | | Reply

    Thank You!

  14. Tanner H
    Tanner H at | | Reply

    2017 f250 With 2 inch lift and your drop track bracket is this all that’s needed to keep steering like factory or should I get something more?

  15. Mike Delgado
    Mike Delgado at | | Reply

    Recently purchased 2017 F-250 Diesel King Ranch and thinking about a leveling kit. The local ford dealership is quoting $650 which includes install. Would you recommend a 1″ or 2″ leveling kit? And will BF GOODRICH ALL TERRAIN Baja Champion LT315 70R17 fit? These are the tires that come on the 2017 Ford Raptor. Or what tire would you recommend for someone who drives a lot on the highway and not pulling anything as of yet?

  16. Todd LaPan
    Todd LaPan at | | Reply

    I ordered a 2″ level kit and a drop bracket was never offered and I just installed the kit and my axle is shifted to the drivers side. I see now your kits have drop brackets included. Why was this not an option when I ordered the kit in October? now I have an issue and need to get a drop bracket ASAP… Please contact me so we can discuss how to get a drop bracket here ASAP. Thanks

  17. gregory andrews
    gregory andrews at | | Reply

    Hey Carter you have mentioned a few times in this blog about other kits
    that are in development for the F350 – anything in the 3″ range in
    the works??? Thanks.

  18. Ru-Man
    Ru-Man at | | Reply

    I plan on getting my new 2017 F-250, crew cab diesel this fall. The pics of the black ford look awesome! I also plan on getting a 5th wheel camper. With the 2″ leveling kit on 35″ tires, will it be too high for a 5th wheel hitch and camper? I currently have a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 mega cab, with 6″ suspension on 37″ Nittos. I cannot use a 5th wheel camper due to the truck too tall.
    Instead of a ford, I also am considering a 2017 Chevy 2500 crew cab diesel. Same question about leveling kit.
    Thank You!

  19. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Just ordered an F-350 Powerstroke Crew Cab Short Bed FX4
    Want to keep factory springs but want to run 35’s (37’s would be ideal but don’t want to replace springs).
    What do you offer for my F-350 and what size tires can I run? What backspacing/offset do I need to run?
    Do you offer Fox remote reservoir shocks with this?

  20. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    Does the 2″ Leveling Kit come with Fox 2.0 shocks?

    I noticed a flyer on the kit (it’s a PDF on your website) says they’re NX shocks. And there’s no mention of Fox 2.0 shocks on the 2″ Leveling Kit web page. The 4″ suspension lift with Radius Arms does mention Fox 2.0 shocks.

    Can I get 2.0 shocks with the 2″ Leveling Kit?

  21. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    I had a BDS 2in leveling kit put on a 2017 F-250. A couple days later I put 35’s and some new 20×10 wheels. After doing this the steering was really loose and not near as responsive, almost like it’s bump steering. Anything I can do to tighten this up or bring it back to near factory steering. I wouldn’t have thought it would have changed much if any with such a small change in height. Other trucks I had leveled in the past with various kits never had this problem. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

  22. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    Thanks for the reply. I do not have the adaptive steering on this vehicle. All components have been installed. I’ll start with the alignment, it was “supposed” to be done. I will verify and go from there. Thanks again.

  23. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    Carter, I sent out an email to the above address a few days back and haven’t heard anything. Can you have them reach out to me please?

  24. Danny
    Danny at | | Reply

    If I install your 2″ kit, will I have any problems running 22×12, 44m back set rims with 35×12.50R22 tires?

  25. Serge
    Serge at | | Reply

    Hi is the kit will fit a f 450 ?


  26. Neil Santos
    Neil Santos at | | Reply

    Hi, just purchased a 2017 F350 SD 6.2L gas and will be adding a Boss EXT plow. We will also be adding Timbren kit to prevent the truck from sagging when the plow is installed. Are we still able to add the 2” leveling kit? Along with the Timbren kit? Does the leveling kit affect front axle ratings at all? Please advise….

  27. Parker
    Parker at | | Reply

    Hello, with the 2″ kit and 35″ tires, do you know the new total/overall height a F-250 would be sitting? I am trying to determine if it would fit into the garage.

  28. Don Smith
    Don Smith at | | Reply

    I was considering the 2″ leveling kit on my 2017 F-250, but now am leaning toward the 1″ kit just to take some of the rake out. Being a perfectionist, I want my alignment and axle position to be perfect. Most shops look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that I’m considering the track bar bracket for the 1″ kit, as most install as much as 2.5″ spacer kits with no bracket. (They obviously aren’t perfectionists). What is your opinion? Do I order alignment cams as well to insure perfection? I will have the shocks replaced with Fox units at this time as well. Thanks.

  29. Jared Dear
    Jared Dear at | | Reply

    With this 2in kit does anything else need to be replaced? Track bar drop, sway bar drop, caster get into spec after alignment without new arms?

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