Howe and Howe Tech TV Show

Howe and Howe Tech Chevy Pickup
Mike and Geoff with their Pickups

If you are a Discovery Channel junky like myself, then I’m sure you’ve seen the Howe & Howe Tech TV show.  In every episode they build amazing tanks and crazy machines.  These are two guys that seriously know machine design.  When Mike and Geoff contacted us about lifts for their trucks, we were flattered.  We were hoping to get a company personal assault vehicle out of the deal, but that has yet to materialize.

Howe and Howe Tech Chevy Pickup with BDS lift kit
Howe and Howe Tech Chevy Pickup with BDS lift kit


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  1. Ryan Green
    Ryan Green at | | Reply

    I’ve had my eye on the BDS 6″ lift kit for a few years now for my 2007 crew cab Chevy Silverado, just like Howe’s above. Unfortunately, I don’t make enough money in the military to afford such a beautiful kit and not to mention, I’m a full-time college student. Maybe one day, if I win the lottery, I’ll finally be able to join the BDS club.
    Howe’s truck is a beauty and seeing the finished product on his truck just makes me drool over wanting this kit for my truck even more. Keep me in your thoughts as I’m set to deploy again next month. God bless the USA, and the BDS team for making these trucks tower over the rest!

  2. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    @Ryan Green
    Thanks for the message and for your brave service to this country. Be safe out there and give us a call when you’re ready to lift your truck, we offer military discounts

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