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  1. gregory andrews
    gregory andrews at | | Reply

    Looking at BDS 2″ level for 2017 F350.
    Description does not mention track bar bracket
    shown in photo- is it included as part of the package??

    Any issue running a 20×9 0″ offset 35×12.5 wheel with this??

    Thank You.

  2. Mike Strong
    Mike Strong at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,
    I am also considering this kit for my 17′ 250 with the fox 2.0 and a 33×12.5×20 A/T to keep my highway ride in tact, I was wondering about the use of brake line extension brackets and sway bar drop brackets and if they are needed with this application. I know that you are familiar with this install and could shed some light on this question for me . thank you for your time and have a great day Carter.

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