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  1. gregory andrews
    gregory andrews at | | Reply

    Looking at BDS 2″ level for 2017 F350.
    Description does not mention track bar bracket
    shown in photo- is it included as part of the package??

    Any issue running a 20×9 0″ offset 35×12.5 wheel with this??

    Thank You.

  2. Mike Strong
    Mike Strong at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,
    I am also considering this kit for my 17′ 250 with the fox 2.0 and a 33×12.5×20 A/T to keep my highway ride in tact, I was wondering about the use of brake line extension brackets and sway bar drop brackets and if they are needed with this application. I know that you are familiar with this install and could shed some light on this question for me . thank you for your time and have a great day Carter.

  3. Eric
    Eric at | | Reply

    I have my 2017 f250 leveled with your 2″ spacers and shocks I didn’t buy the kit but I would like to purchase your ball joint alignment cams and tract bar drop bracket to keep all part BDS. I’m looking for price and how to get these items.

  4. Clayton
    Clayton at | | Reply

    In the picture of the truck it looks like a 10” wheel on the leveling kit. Would a 20×10 with -25 be a issue with this kit?

  5. Jeremy
    Jeremy at | | Reply

    Has anyone tried 37” 12.50 tires with the 2” leveling kit on a 2017 f250 and been successful without much rubbing

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