NHRDA Diesel Nationals O’Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis, Indiana

The expectations for this all diesel drag race, sled pull, and Truck show were high for myself as well as the rest of the participants and sponsors. Although slowed down by a little rain Saturday, the spectator turn out for Sunday was better than expected. The raw power these supped up  Ford’s, GM’s, and Dodge diesels was awe inspiring. When pulling the sled or screaming down the track at 150 + mph  there was a tall dark cloud of diesel smoke that could be seen for more than a half mile. This was reason alone for most to stop and take a look at what was going on at the track.

We enjoyed the crowd that showed up for Sunday’s event. There was a very good mix of spectators and participants from all walks of life, many of which had never witnessed a 8,000 pound truck moving down the race track with sports car like quickness, or a mostly stock looking truck sending a black cloud several hundred feet into the sky.

Suspension was a must have for these diesel enthusiasts, who enjoyed the power of their diesels, yet cared equally as much about the overall handling and performance of the suspension. We enjoyed the conversation and the great questions that we fielded throughout both days, challenging customers to look further into the suspension aftermarket then they had ever before. There were quite a few eyebrows raised when we discussed all the products BDS offers for the diesel crowd, and we enjoyed every minute we were able to share doing so. Needless to say we are looking forward to participate in more events geared toward diesels and everything that comes with it.  ” Where there is smoke, there’s diesel power.”

Visit O’Reilly Raceway Park and the National Hot Rod Diesel Association.

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