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  1. Seth
    Seth at | | Reply

    I am in the middle of installing the 2″ leveling kit w/ fox 2.0’s on my 2017f250. I did not order a steering stabilizer, but am wondering now, will i need it to avoid bumpsteer or loose steering on the highway? The tires are 325/60/20 (or 35×12.5×20 if the bigger ones rub) so not really that much oversize. I do lots of highway driving.

  2. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    Can I install these on a stock height 2017 f250 4×4 with any clearance issues? thks

  3. steve
    steve at | | Reply

    Also do i have to remove the stock single stablizer if i install the bds duals?

  4. jonathan gentry
    jonathan gentry at | | Reply

    will your kit allow full lock turns? or will it limit the turning radius a little?

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