Labor Day Weekend at Rocks and Valleys

I headed up to Rocks and Valleys with the BDS TJ for a weekend of wheeling.

Saturday, September 4th brought the First Club Master Challenge to Rocks and Valleys off road park in Harrison, Mi. Over 400 spectators came to see 10 Michigan off road clubs compete to see who truly had what it takes to be first among many great clubs. Running in teams of three over a two-part, nearly half mile long rock course, the action was frantic as teammates tried to get all of their Jeeps and Buggies through without timing out.

When the dust settled, West Michigan’s Two Trackers ( dominated at a combined total  average of 7.59 minutes. Second place went to 2 Beat on 4×4 with 13.63m, and third to Rock Nuts with 14.42m. Overall, the Ten teams put on quite a show, and made for a great day for everyone despite the low- 50’s temperatures and intermittent rain.

Sunday was a play day, exploring the many great trails at Rocks and Valleys, All of which are clearly labeled – Black Diamond meaning lockers, big tires and body damage, which the BDS TJ was more than up to, after subjecting to the Ultimate Adventure ’09/’10 and other hard wheeling trips . All in all, a great weekend, and a well run event that will hopefully be the first of many Club Challenges in Harrison, MI.

p.s. It’s great working for a company that after rolling the company vehicle, and hear “it’s cool as long as you got photos” from your boss.

video courtesy of Paul W. Smith

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