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  1. Steve Talent
    Steve Talent at | | Reply

    Just bought a ZR2 10 days ago. Looking at options, amazing kit. I am a TJ Rubicon owner, love my Jeep. But I dig my ZR can’t wait till I wear out my new tires. I’ll be back.

  2. Jas
    Jas at | | Reply

    I noticed on the product page the lift states it will accommodate a 35×12.5 17×9 tire but on the instruction pdf, the the lift will accommodate a 305 70 r17 tire.

    The instruction pdf did state the lift can accommodate a 35×12.5 20×9 with possible trimming.

    Will the lift accommodate a 35×12.5 17×9 or 18×9 with the correct backspace or is the 305 70 r17 or r18 as large of a tire that can be fitted with a 17 or 18 inch rim.

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