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  1. Steve Talent
    Steve Talent at | | Reply

    Just bought a ZR2 10 days ago. Looking at options, amazing kit. I am a TJ Rubicon owner, love my Jeep. But I dig my ZR can’t wait till I wear out my new tires. I’ll be back.

  2. Jas
    Jas at | | Reply

    I noticed on the product page the lift states it will accommodate a 35×12.5 17×9 tire but on the instruction pdf, the the lift will accommodate a 305 70 r17 tire.

    The instruction pdf did state the lift can accommodate a 35×12.5 20×9 with possible trimming.

    Will the lift accommodate a 35×12.5 17×9 or 18×9 with the correct backspace or is the 305 70 r17 or r18 as large of a tire that can be fitted with a 17 or 18 inch rim.

  3. Jason Neal
    Jason Neal at | | Reply

    Just installed 4 inch bds on my 2018 zr2.lift looks good but you would think for the money it cost for the lift kit they could have found a way to take the factory rake out of it.should have been about 6 inch lift for front and 4 inch lift for the back.so expect to keep the 1970 drag car look.

  4. Brett
    Brett at | | Reply

    I’m a new owner of a 2019 Colorado zr2 I was wondering if the 4” lift is compatible with the 2019 model.

  5. Rick
    Rick at | | Reply

    Can you still use stock rims if you add a 1.25 offset spacer ?

  6. Richard Dollarhide
    Richard Dollarhide at | | Reply

    I have a 2018 ZR2 and 4″ BDS lift installed by my local Chevy dealer. I have concerns over the angle of the upper control arm to the upper Ball Joints. The angle looks too steep and susceptible to breakage. Are my concerns valid or did my dealer do something wrong on the installation?

  7. Erick
    Erick at | | Reply

    Has anyone installed this lift on a 2019 ZR2 yet? Wanting to buy the lift, but wondering if it is indeed compatible?

  8. Horacio Lopez
    Horacio Lopez at | | Reply

    Does the 4 inch BDS lift remove the 2 inches that come on the zr2 from factory? Or does it add 4 inches for a total of 6 inches compared to a stock non zr2? Colorado

  9. Aaron
    Aaron at | | Reply

    The zr2 is known for its ability to be jumped. Can you still jump a zr2 with this lift?

  10. Erick
    Erick at | | Reply

    Hi Carter,
    Any updates on the 2019s? Can I pull the trigger on this lift for my ’19?

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