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  1. JW Davis
    JW Davis at | | Reply

    We have installed several of these kits and hands down it blows away the competition. Complete in every way that it could be this lift kit outdoes itself every time. With this style truck being 12-22 years old now this kit contains the parts needed to make it perfect. Alignment specs are good and handling and tire fitment is dead on!!! Love the oportunity to sell and install these lift kits. J.W. Davis Davis Auto Sales / Davis Off Road

  2. Doug
    Doug at | | Reply

    What size tire and wheel combo do you suggest with this lift on a ’94 Chevy Z71?



    1. BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Doug, we have more information on our recommended tire/wheel specs on the BDS website next the kit info, head to http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=193H

  3. Cris
    Cris at | | Reply

    I have this lift on my 1997 gmc k1500 z71 and I absolutly love it haven’t had any problems with the lift kit at all . I’ve had the lift installed years ago and everything is still perfectly intact. I have riden in several lifted trucks and this by far handles the best between the steering and the smooth ride … The thing is after all this time I now want to upgrade the shocks to the fox air shocks … Has anyone tried this ? And do they even make fox 2.0 shocks with a resiviore for this truck .. And last thing what is the travel in the shocks that come with this lift

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Chris,
      Fox air shocks typically are used for race buggies and rock crawlers. They are designed to support the weight of the vehicle and use an air/gas mixture to adjust ride height. On your GM truck, the front torsion bars and rear leafs support the weight and act as springs while shock is used to dampen bumps. Fox 2.0 gas shocks designed as a bolt-on dampener for OE applications. We offer the standard aluminum bodied IFP gas shocks for your BDS 6” equipped ’97 GMC K1500, part number is #98224620 (front) and #98224660 (rear) sold individually. Fox likely offers a remote reservoir version of the 2.0 shocks to fit your truck, however its not something offered through BDS Suspension. Front shock length needed is 23.12” extended and 14.25” collapsed, rears measure out to 29.78” extended and 17.59” collapsed.

    TANNER at | | Reply

    hey I had a 96 chevy ext cab 1500 on a 6in lift an I totaled it couple years ago now I have a 1998 4 door 2500 will the lift kit swap out?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Tanner,
      the #193H lift is designed to fit the ’88-98 GM1500 6-lug Trucks/SUVs and will not fit on the ’88-00 GM2500 8-lug Trucks/SUVs. We don’t offer any kits to fit your new truck unfortunately.

  5. vince
    vince at | | Reply

    would anyone know if this lift would fit on a 99 chevy k2500 8lug classic body style

    the lift kit number is (Base Kit Id 193H)

    1. Carter
      Carter at | | Reply

      Hey Vince, the ’88-00 GM2500 8-lug trucks use a different suspension design than the GM1500 and GM2500 6-lug trucks that use #193H. Unfortunately we don’t offer any kits to fit the ’99 Chevy 2500HD 8-lug trucks.

  6. Matt
    Matt at | | Reply

    We need a 88-98 2500 8 lug kit!

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Sorry Matt, no plans to offer any ’88-00 GM 2500/3500 lift kits at this point, we rarely get calls for them and our focus has been on the later model new product development

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