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    Just installed the 2″ front and rear lift with fox 2.0 shocks on my wife’s 09 trailblazer. Very easy to do. Took us about 4 hrs because one of the struts was just to short no mater how much we compressed it to fit the two washers and rubber grommets they way the instructions said. We tried and tried. We ended up flipping the washer on top of the while thing over on the driver’s side and after that the rest of the installation went like a hot knife through butter. We live on a rough road and occasionally need 4×4 to get out (during floods) while not flooded traveling the ranch road the ride is so smooth compared to before and then the lift adding the extra ground clearance on the high road for the flooding we been having has very noticeable as we are not dragging bottom in the mud. I would recommend this kit to anyone who owns a trailblazer and intends on using their vehicle for more than just driving back and forth to the mall.

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