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  1. Cody
    Cody at | | Reply

    When will the fox 2.0’s be available for purchase?

  2. Nathan
    Nathan at | | Reply

    Are these the same as the Fox Racing 2.0″ Factory Performance Series Shocks available at other retailers? Or are these valved specifically for BDS springs? Most importantly, will these be offered for your 2″ Jeep TJ springs.

  3. Nathan
    Nathan at | | Reply

    Hey what happened to my last post? I’m still waiting for the 2″ Fox shocks? Are they still coming or should I look elsewhere instead?

  4. Nathan
    Nathan at | | Reply

    Thanks for the reply. I was just getting worried that the 2″ lift was going to be neglected. I look forward to seeing the Fox shocks for a 2″ lift.

  5. jimy adems
    jimy adems at | | Reply

    Hey Nathan, I’m motionless to come for the 2? Fox shocks? The majority highly, force these obtainable for your 2? Jeep TJ springs.

  6. Louise Hixton
    Louise Hixton at | | Reply

    Very excellent impression. I actually long time fan of BDS though inspired to hear Fox 2.0 shock upgrade. It’s been so long tutorial indeed. Thanks! 🙂

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