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  1. Chelsea Preet
    Chelsea Preet at | | Reply

    The truck looks awesome! 🙂

  2. Drop Suspension
    Drop Suspension at | | Reply

    You have done a great job with it. I am always pleased to read from your articles.

  3. Nick
    Nick at | | Reply

    Can u fit 40″ tires with this lift?

  4. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    40s will fit , but they are tight and the fenders will need to be trimmed to eliminate rubbing. Take a look at our 2012 Ram 2500 with the 8” Long Arm and 40” Toyos http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLEF319A846E4E31CB&feature=player_embedded&v=MeLjRjJRCGU

  5. Matt
    Matt at | | Reply

    @BDS I love this lift on the mega cabs. I’m getting ready to purchase a brand new laramie limited mega cab and want to put this lift on. I am also planning on putting on Toyo 40×15.50R22’s on it. My only question is this… So when you say that the “fenders will need to be trimmed”, do you mean the plastic or the actual fender? Also, what offset are those bmf wheels? Would 40’s fit with an American Force wheels 22×12 and a -40 offset?

  6. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    On our company Ram, we run 40×15.50 Toyos on 20×10 BMFs (4.5” BS) with the 8” BDS Long Arm Kit. We swapped the front bumper and trimmed the lower portion of the rear sheet metal. It’s fine around town, but still rubs when we jump it or flex it out.

    22×12 with -40 offset (5” BS) will have the rubbing issues and will require fender mods to allow them to fit.

    The other factor in this is every truck is different, we measured (3) Ram 2500 trucks and the distance from frame to outside of the fender varied by over 5/8” left to right and was different on each truck. That being said we don’t know exact how your truck is centered on the frame and we don’t recommend the 40s. While it can be done, we don’t take any responsibility for any issues related to going larger than our recommended specs.

  7. RJ
    RJ at | | Reply

    Is this the Dodge Mineral Gray Metallic or have you done a custom paint to it?


  8. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    Shane’s truck was running the OE metallic gray paint.

  9. Robert
    Robert at | | Reply

    First of all, I love my 6″ BDS Longarm set-up. I have a 2012 2500 Laramie Longhorn Limited and am running 35s on 20″ BMFs. I will probably go to 37s soon. While I love the lift, the only issue that I ran into was the mounting brackets for the longarms. The installer ended up having to weld them to the frame as they would “pop” when turning or going over any size bump in the road. This was a common occurrence with the BDS LA kit on any Ram 2500 or 3500. Other than this issue, everything is great!

  10. Justin
    Justin at | | Reply

    Robert, Ive personally installed about 10 of the BDS Long Arm kits & not a single one pops. I am willing to bet the installer didnt put the spacer washers between the frame & bracket, as each & every truck is different and/or he didnt seat the rivet nuts properly into the frame, which mount the bracket against the frame.

  11. Shane Hayward
    Shane Hayward at | | Reply

    Thanks for all the great feedback. BDS is the best and the ride with the 8″ Longarm and Fox 2.0 Shocks is amazing to say the least!!! All this time later and I still have nothing but great things to say about BDS and every product I got from them to include the traction bars, dual steering stabilizers and the triple front shock setup. I put that stuff through hell and it just keep taking it…

  12. Travis
    Travis at | | Reply

    I have the bds lift and its the best lift i ever had. I put that thing thru hell. My cheapo shocks are blown tho but have the fox 2.0 on the way. Curious on the difference in ride. Cant wait to try them. I have had 12″ bulletproof lift but bds is #1 in my book

  13. LJ
    LJ at | | Reply

    Have you guys ever added 2″ spacers to the 8″ BDS-LA Kit? If so, which brand? Was it cool, or did it create any unusual issues?

    1. BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey LJ, it’s a fairly common question we get asked as far as stretching our 8” long arm kit to 10”. We do offer a 2” coil spacer kit that can be used in conjunction with out 8” long arm kit, however there are other components that will need to be upgraded to allow the truck to function properly and sit level. BDS tech support is your best point of contact to discuss it at (517) 279-2135.

      1. daniel derksen jr
        daniel derksen jr at | | Reply

        i was just told from BDS tech support today that adding at 2 inch coil spacer kit was not a good idea. i just had an 8 inch BDS long arm lift installed and front is rubbing. i was looking at ideas to raise truck to help this out. so if this can be done i would like to know.
        my truck is a 2015 ram diesel 3500 mega cab running sota wheels 22×12 with 37×13.5 toyo mt’s. and i also experienced that from top of tire to fender in rear is exactly 13 inches and front is 15.5. i need to figure this out as well. i like the look of a level truck. in the lift specs it does state the new leaf is 4.5 inches with a 2 inch spacer which is only 6.5 inches so might be part of problem. any way if there is something others are doing or if bds has any ideas let me know. not complaining i love the lift and look of truck as well as the way is drives but would like to figure these couple things out.

        1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
          Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

          Daniel, being that our engineers designed that kit for 8″ of lift, we won’t recommend modifying the kit for additional ride height beyond that. While customers have done it, it is not something we have tested and cannot verify what additional modifications will be needed and what issues may arise from modifying the geometry of the suspension and drivetrain.

          On the front vs rear lift heights, the kit is designed as a 8″ in front and 6.5″ in the rear to level the stance being that the truck sits 1.5-2″ nose down from the factory. If that’s not where its sitting BDS tech support is available to look into it and other technical questions with the kit, but understand we can’t guide you on how to modify our lift kits for safety (and legal) reasons as that was not how our engineering department designed, built, and tested them.

  14. Todd
    Todd at | | Reply

    I love the new revised long arm power wagon kit wich was ment for a four door,
    The arms are pretty Stout!
    my issue is ive got a rare 05 2 door.
    Issues are the front coils sag as more weight is on the front and She is down over an inch and its only been 5 months kinda looks a Lil goofy…been looking into fourms and thuren fab or carli suspension are the way to go for the front coils as bds uses the same gas coil at an 365 spring rate the same as an ram 1500 with a plastic bumper…ive got the steel bumper stock bumper skid plates rock rails winch and winch cable winch frame mount plus the added cooling capacity, the 140lbd smart bar manual transfer case abd dual front drive shaft…heavier trans cooler etc im up approximately 500-600 lbs in the front than the 1500 and about 400lbs shy of a diesel if I put on an aftermarket bumper in looking at an 2-3in sag gona Run Thuren 6 in diesel coils and dt pro fab adjustable sway bar links will yeild about 7in when settled.
    If you buy the Deaver rear leafs make sure to get the thuren shackles and dont over tighten or else em leafs will be too Damn stiff ive broken em in properly and now there silky smooth. The bds track bar seems pretty Stout and the fox shocks are a nice improvement but I wander how good the valving is and if they will support 7-7.5 inches of lift on the front plus with the leafs I never recived any rear bump stops for the frame axle. I’m out in milford mi and diversifid creations does great work on installs FYI I recomend there install experience

  15. Jamison
    Jamison at | | Reply

    What’s the deal with the long arm bracket hitting the tires when you turn. I have a 2012′ ram dually with 6″ LA lift with 37s and design is getting to me . So I put 2″ spacers in front and now tires hit rear part of fender. Should I go to 8″?

    1. BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      @Jamison, the interference issue is likely caused by the backspacing of the wheels you are currently using. 37s are a tight fit with 6” can fit with the right wheels or some fender trimming. BDS tech support is available to discuss it further at (517) 279-2135 or tech@bds-suspension.com and we list our recommended wheel width/backspacing specs on our website at http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=629H

  16. Evan
    Evan at | | Reply

    I just bought a 2012 cummins 3500 longhorn Laramie crew cab. I am getting the bds 8″ LA kit installed once it gets in. I have to order tires and wheels now, I’m going with the toyo mts 38×13.5-20 with fuel rampage 20×12 wheels, what back spacing should I go with? Should I go with 20x12s or 20x10s Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. Carter@ BDS Suspension
      Carter@ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Evan, contact BDS sales/tech support so they can assist you at (517) 279-2135 or tech@bds-suspension with wheel backspacing recommendations.

  17. Evan
    Evan at | | Reply

    What offset should I go with??

  18. Kris
    Kris at | | Reply

    You say 40’s will fit but trimming required. I have a 2012 Dodge 3500 SRW Megacab with the 8″ bds extreme lift all upgrades and put 38’s on it and they rubbed. Believe they were 4.5 backspacing not positive though. What would be a quick way to know if the shop actually screwed me over and put a 6″ lift on. Another guy at work has same style truck 2500 not megacab with 6″ on 35’s and fender measurement mine is like 2″s difference. Is there a way to tell from the parts they installed.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Easiest way to confirm lift height is to measure the distance from center of the hub to the top center of the fender opening up front and contact BDS tech support at (517) 279-2135 to verify measurement are within our rideheight spec. Beyond that they can give you the part number stamped on the coils to confirm which ones they are. 40s are a tall order with 8” of lift and there are a number of factors (some of which are out of our control) for fitment on the ’03-13 RAM 2500s and ’03-12 RAM 3500s. No tire size is a sure thing and any size we list is a recommendation based on our findings. We won’t spec a tire/wheel setup that we haven’t physically tested in our shop for confirmation. Actual tire dimensions will vary between tire manufacturers and tire width, wheel width, and wheel backspacing all play a factor in clearance. Other mods to the vehicle including bulky items that add weight and clearance items like aftermarket or trimmed OE bumpers will also effect tire clearance. Clearance and tire rubbing mean different things to different people, some expect to trim to maximize the fender space while others don’t expect to trim at all. On the RAMs we’ve even found on 2 identical RAM 2500s that we had in the shop varied the body on the frame placement by about 5/8” laterally which has nothing to do with the lift kit, but will effect tire clearance to the body.

      On the BDS 2010 RAM 2500 we ran the BDS 8” long arm kit, 40×15.50 Toyo M/Ts and 20×10 (4.5” BSing) BMF Novakanes. The first order of business was trimming the pinchweld seem beneath the door at the front of the cab and “massaging” the inner fender a bit with a hammer for extra tire clearance. Initially we ran that setup with trimmed factory bumpers and had clearance issues offroad as well as a slight interference with the lower control arms when turned full lock as the suspension cycled. After switching to an aftermarket bumper with more clearance we had more room for the tires. The setup worked well for everyday use, towing, and mild offroading. Often enough though when we had it flexed out on the trail or land from a jump at the dunes we’d still having some rubbing. It’s the nature of the beast and all part of customizing.

  19. Zac
    Zac at | | Reply

    For a 2006-2007 dodge cummins I’m going to be ordering the 8 inch long arm lift. I want to buy 38×15.5×20 mud grapplers but I’m not sure if they will fit. And I was going toget Moto metal 962 rims 20×12. I don’t do any off-road stuff just normal driving. I don’t wan to buy and have them not fit and run real bad. Or should I just buy 37×13.5×20 mud grapplers?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      @Zac, the wider wheels are a popular trend lately, but they make it more difficult to clear larger tires (especially offroad or when turned full lock). While trimming will help open up addition space, we won’t spec/recommend a size that we haven’t test fit ourselves. Clearance is largely dependent on the backspacing of the wheels used and even the same size (37×13.50) will vary in actual tire size and shape doe to the sidewall lugs. That said some people are OK with trimming fenders and even the occasional tire rub where others aren’t. 37s will keep you on the safer side, the wider 38s will likely cause you more work for clearance. We have our recommendations available at http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=653H

  20. Zac
    Zac at | | Reply

    Can you guys test fit 38×15.5 mud grapplers with a 8 inch lift for us?? Most of us want big as we can get but don’t know how they will look or ride.. Mabe a YouTube link for a response video. An your average rim (20×12)

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Unfortunately we don’t have access to each vehicle set each lift height to test each wheel and tire combo. The recommendations on our website are based on the size lift/wheel/tire that was test fit when we developed each of the kits, while there are other sizes that will work, some may require trimming or adjustments be made for fitment.

  21. Joe
    Joe at | | Reply

    I have a ’07 Dodge mega cab on the bds 8″ long arm with 37″ Toyos that rub the 4 link arm when I turn sharp, but no fender issues when flexing or accidental jumping. Had to give it over to my son. I now have a ’14 longhorn mega cab, wish bds made a 12″ kit, but having to go with the full throttle so i can fit 40″ toyos with no issues. BDS lifts are awesome, but need to be available in larger sizes. Any advice or issues with full throttle 12″ on a dodge I should know about before hand.

  22. Andy Moore
    Andy Moore at | | Reply

    Do you offer a similar kit that can work with the air suspension package on a 2015 Ram 2500?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Andy, we don’t offer lift kits for the new air suspension equipped RAM 2500 trucks

      1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
        Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

        Hey Andy, nothing to update at this point. Our R&D keeps is busy with new product development projects for a wide range of vehicles, but nothing available for the air ride RAM 2500s currently

  23. Andy Moore
    Andy Moore at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter.

  24. Andy Moore
    Andy Moore at | | Reply

    Hi Carter,

    I see you just released a 4″ lift for the 1500 with air suspension. Has BDS reconsidered making a kit for the 2500’s with air suspension?


    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Andy,
      We did release a kit for the aired RAM 1500s and the R&D looks into lift options for all vehicles. There are a number of factors that plan into the decision of whether or not to design a kit and our R&D department has control of new product development. As per company policy we don’t discuss what kits may or may not be in the works until the parts are on the shelf available for sale. In the case of the RAM 2500 with rear air, we have heard from customers that the standard 4” kits with rear 2.5” coil spacer can be modified to fit the rear air equipped trucks, however we have not confirmed fitment or what needs to be modified at this point.

  25. Andy Moore
    Andy Moore at | | Reply

    Hey Carter,

    Thanks for the update. I’ll keep checking to see what R&D comes up with. When fitment is confirmed will you post an update?

  26. Zac cole
    Zac cole at | | Reply

    Got a 07 cummins and want to buy the 8 inch LA. I want 38s and don’t want any rubbing. Do you sell a kit with both 14 inch 2.0 travel shocks in back and front? So I can ad a 2 inch spacer coil?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      you want to contact BDS tech support concerning modifications to the kit. Clearing 38s w/o rubbing is difficult to give a definite yes to as it depends on the width and brand of tire as well as the width and backspacing of the wheels yo go with. Tech support can be reached at (517) 279-2135 or tech@bds-suspension.com

  27. Jordan
    Jordan at | | Reply

    I have a ram ’15 Laramie Longhorn limited with a rear air suspension. And I was wondering when the kits will be available for a 2500 air suspension?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Thanks for your interest and for reaching out to us. BDS company policy dictates we can’t discuss details of new product development or release dates. While we’ve been hearing from customers that our 4” standard RAM 2500 kit (w/ rear spacer) can be used on rear air-equipped trucks with only minor mods we have not confirmed it ourself and at this time don’t list any products to fit them.

  28. Andy Moore
    Andy Moore at | | Reply


    Any updates for those of us with air suspension?

  29. Jason Katich
    Jason Katich at | | Reply

    I’m thinking about buying a 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn. I want to run 37s on it. what is your biggest lift you offer for that truck. I have a 6′ Rough country on my Avalanche and 35s, would like for the Ram to sit higher. Do you have any pics of ram 1500s with your lifts? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Jason,
      Thanks for the interest in BDS. We offer up to 6” of lift for the late model RAM 1500 trucks, which will allow you to fit up to 37” tires, for more info on the kit, pricing, and options photos head to our website at http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=671H and to see customer rides running this kit head to our bad ass rides customer gallery at http://bds-suspension.com/bar and in the search by keyword field type “671” to view all the 6” equipped ’03-16 RAM 1500s

  30. Damon
    Damon at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 3500 with the 6 inch 4 link bds lift. I have 18 x 10 moto metal rims with a -12 offset. Currently running 35×12.5 inch Tires but they look way too small. Curious if I can easily clear a 37×12.5 on that rim with the -12 offset.

    1. Carter @BDS Suspension
      Carter @BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Damon, for reference your 18×10 -12 offset measures out to a 5” backspacing. On the late model OE radius arm trucks (2013-2016 RAM 3500 and 2014-2016 RAM 2500) the trucks come sitting from the factory about 2” taller than the previous model trucks. 37” tires are very common with this kit, and will install with little to not trimming. For more on our recommended specs head to http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=1603H

  31. Jonathan
    Jonathan at | | Reply

    I have a 2012 Ram Mega cab with a 6.7 liter and I’m looking to run 20inch wheels on it. What size lift would fit this application without any issues and without a lot of lift. I still want to be able to pull my fifth wheel camper.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Johnathan, thanks for your interest in BDS Suspension. I’d need more info to answer your question. 20” diameter wheels will fit on your truck as it sits now, what I need to know is what tire size (height and width) you want to run as well as the width of the wheel to make a better recommendation. As far as towing a 5th wheel, the amount of lift you are able to run will depend on how much adjustment your trailer is to a taller hitch point. Get me more information and I’ll point you in the right direction

      1. Jonathan
        Jonathan at | | Reply

        I’m looking to run 35/12.50/20 tires on it. I’m looking to not have any clearance, travel, and steering issues.

        1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
          Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

          Hey Jonathan, there is still the factor of wheel width/backspacing. A 35×12.50 on a 20×12 w/ 4.5” BSing will fit in the wheel wheel much differently than on a 20×9 with 5” BSing. That said you’ll need 3-6” of lift to comfortably run 35×12.50 tires. If you’re running a moderate wheel the 3” will work, if you’re running a wider wheel the 6” kit will work better for your 2012 RAM 2500/3500. See our website for more info on recommended wheel/tire sizes for each kit along with truck photos and a Bad Ass Rides customer gallery to see how others built theirs.The 3” kit uses a 2” rear block which is less likely to cause any issues towing your 5th wheel.

  32. Kountryinc
    Kountryinc at | | Reply

    Would 24×14 American force rims with 37inch tires clear on a 2012 Dodge Ram megacab with a BDS 8inch long arm lift??

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      While we have had customers install similar wheel/tire combos on their lifted RAM HDs, that size is outside our recommended wheel/tire specs to run with that kit so we can’t offer a definitive answer as to if they’ll fit or how much trimming will be needed. Clearance will also depend on the backspacing of the wheels, the true tire measurement and sidewall profile, whether you’re running stock or aftermarket bumpers, how you plan to us the truck (on road won’t cycle the suspension as much as offroad use) and your comfort trimming. To see others running that kit and similar wheels/tires head to http://bds-suspension.com/bar and in the search by keyword field type “632H”

  33. Tyler
    Tyler at | | Reply

    I have a 2012 Cummins with a 8″ BDS LA kit with fox 2.0 shocks all around. I have replaced 6 shocks free of charge but I paid shipping due to shock leakage within the first months of them on the truck. I’m running 37″ tires and would like 40″. How much trimming is involved to make this happen. Thanks

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Tyler, there is a fair amount of trimming involved to fit the 40” tires on the pre-2014 RAM 2500s with 8” of lift. We did it on our 2010 RAM 2500, fitting 40×15.50×20 Toyo M/Ts on 20×10 SOTA Novakanes (4.5” BSing) with the 8” long arm system, but bumper, fender, and body mods were needed and it still may rub at times in offroad situations. The front bumper can be spaced forward for more clearance, trimmed, or you can install an aftermarket bumper that improves tire clearance. The inner fender lining will need to be trimmed to accommodate the larger tires and at the back of the fenders the pinch weld will need to be trimmed a fair amount. The amount of trimming will also depend on the wheel width, backspacing and true size of the tires being installed. For more photos of the BDS Ram 2500 on 40s check out https://www.facebook.com/BDSSuspensions/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10150629927341430

  34. Brandon
    Brandon at | | Reply

    What change on the kit in order to fit 40s?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Brandon, check through the comments on this post, we’re responded to this topic several times. Nothing changed on the BDS 8” kit, however trimming and bumper/fender mods were needed to fit the larger tires.

  35. Auston
    Auston at | | Reply

    On the 13′ longhorn i6 with 8″LA would you still have to trim if you put fiberwerx fenders and STMW front bumper?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      The fenders and bumpers will help with additional clearance, but being that we haven’t tested that exact setup we can’t say definitively if you’ll have enough clearance. Other factors include the backspacing of those 22×14 wheels, the true tire size and aggressiveness of the sidewall lugs, and lastly how the truck will be used (on road driving is like likely to rub than offroad situations where the suspension is articulated while the wheels are turned).

  36. Auston
    Auston at | | Reply

    With 22×14 American forces

  37. Nate
    Nate at | | Reply

    Can you post some pictures of the front fenders of the 2500 y’all are running 40s on. Just want to see how you trimmed the fender

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Sorry Nate, we are no longer in possession of our silver 2010 RAM 2500 that had the 8″ BDS on 40s. The backside of the fenders were trimmed fairly substantially (to include the pinch weld) so give us enough clearance for the tires. They cleared for around town driving and mild offroad, but at full flex with the wheels turned they still rubbed some. You can check out some shots of it in action to hopefully get a better idea of the fitment/trimming at https://www.facebook.com/pg/BDSSuspensions/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10150629927341430

  38. Marty
    Marty at | | Reply

    With all the 8″ BDS LA and 4 Link comments going on, Are you all going to make an 10″ BDS LA and 4 Link suspension set for 16′ RAM 2500 4×4 6.7 so we can fit 40×15.50 tires

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Marty, unfortunately I can’t get into new product development topics. We have a company policy to not discuss new products, plans, ETA, price point, until parts are on the shelf ready for sale.

      That said we were able to fit 40×15.50 tires with 20×10 wheels on our 2016 RAM 2500 with the 8″ 4-link system. They fit for around town use, but needed to be trimmed for offroad use.

  39. Donald
    Donald at | | Reply

    I have a 2012 dodge ram 2500 with the bs 8in long arm lift with Fox 2.0 coil overs. I’m looking to go up to 38in tires. 38×15.50×20 what off set of rim do recommend I Go with.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Donald,
      On that setup we recommend a 20×9 wheel with 4.5″ backspacing (-12mm) to minimize the potential for rubbing. Other sizes may fit, but will be more likely to require more trimming to clear for on-road/offroad use.

  40. Ryan
    Ryan at | | Reply

    Hey guys, I’ve read all the comment to see if my question has already been answered but i couldn’t find it, although its almost the same as everyone elses question haha, 2012 dodge ram 3500 with a 8inch long arm lift, I’m looking to put 22×14 fuel rims with 37inch toyo tires, the rims have a -40 offset, will they rub ?

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hey Ryan, short answer is yes they will likely rub when turning or used offroad. We don’t list the wider wheels in our tire/wheel recommendations, but based on customer builds it will require some trimming to allow enough clearance for 37×13.50 Toyo M/Ts on 20×14 wheels even with our 8″ long arm system. Aftermarket bumpers will help with clearance up front, but the wider wheels and/or smaller backspacing will increase the range of motion when turning which will likely require trimming the backside of the inner fender for clearance in all driving situations on-road and off.

  41. Sabrina San Filippo
    Sabrina San Filippo at | | Reply

    Hello BDS
    Can you tell me what is on the 2012 Mega in the photo?
    Toyo MT 37/13.50?
    Rims 22 – 10?
    8″ LA right

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
      Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

      Hi Sabrina, I believe the specs on this RAM 2500 are:
      BDS 8″ Long Arm System
      37×13.50×22 Toyo M/Ts
      22×11 Fuel Hostages (5″ BS)

  42. Travis
    Travis at | | Reply

    Im chiming in again here since my last post here was in 2012. I just want to throw out my experience once again. I still have the truck “2010 ram 2500” with the 8” bds and it still runs awesome, however there Is a flaw and always had the same one over and over…”the shocks” . Maybe its a HD truck issue or its the cold or even the salt covered roads we have here. I have went through 4 whitebodys, and 10 fox2.0s. Currently replacing all shocks again with bilstein 5160s “always had good experience with bilstein” and all the control arm bushings. Since i have 130,000km in it since the lift i think its time for some lovin. Also adding 2” coil spacer and 2” add a leaf in the rear it seems to me that it has sagged over the years. Overall the kit is amazing and has never let me down.

  43. Terrance Hawkins
    Terrance Hawkins at | | Reply

    This truck is serious! I have a Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn w/ 35” tires. I have 3” suspension and looking at this I want to do 6-8” suspension with biggger tires! #motivation

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