John Hersey High School Update

Progress on the truck has picked up again. We have fixed both rear corners of the truck and patched all the holes in the doors with new sheet metal. We then covered the bottom line of the truck with Herculiner.

We picked up a new front fascia and replaced all of the lights on the truck. New 2×2 square tube has been ordered to replace the rockers and new wheel bearings are sitting on the shelf.

I have also attached a picture of Andy Sheppard. He was the previous owner of the truck who stopped in a few weeks ago to see the progress and take it for a spin. He managed to high center it on a snow pile in less than 5 minutes. 🙂

The truck is starting to come together and the kids are taking pride in their first project vehicle.

Jim Van Bladel
John Hersey High School
Automotive / Computer Aided Drafting

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