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  1. James Larson
    James Larson at |

    can you tell me the color chip for stubby(orange F350)?

  2. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    Unfortunately not James, you would have to ask the builder, ROK Industry
    More on the truck at http://www.fourwheeler.com/project-vehicles/129-1205-2001-regular-cab-super-duty/

  3. Austin Muik
    Austin Muik at |

    Hi, I was wondering what the total cost would be for me to build this exact truck?

  4. Carter @ BDS Suspension
    Carter @ BDS Suspension at |

    @Austin, we typically don’t tally up the total on project builds and its hard to estimate all the man hours put into the labor.

  5. Austin Muik
    Austin Muik at |

    Okay. Thanks, jd want to build one just like this so I was wondering what kind of cash I would need

  6. Austin Muik
    Austin Muik at |

    **i want to

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