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  1. Michael Cavenaugh
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    Some major changes have occurred at TDS. The raffle at TDSIt is gone is the heart of the event. Never has their been a more enthusiastic crowd nestled in their lawn chairs in front of the stage yelling “Burn It!” when the winning ticket holder does not reveal themselves within 40 seconds or so to claim their prize. This phrase of “Burn It” has carried over into the lexicon of many off road raffle’s and it’s origin is lore. It is now gone! Somebody had the great idea to turn the TDS raffle into a real yawner. To put it frankly, it sucks. This year it was like pulling teeth and if it was not for the quality of the prizes it would have not been worth participating. I am surprised they did not pass out BINGO cards it would have made a mor lively crowd. It was not the people, they were fired up and ready to all yell “Burn It” in the TDS tradition, but the management changed up and now it is apparently history. What a stupid decision in my humble opinion. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Then there was the law enforcement. These guys were everywhere. On the trails, in the air, in the crowd and on the ingress and egress routes. When the raffle was over I bailed out of the area. Before I could make it to my vehicle I witnessed four people being lit up. On my drive out of the area I did not observe a single officer moving, the entire compliment had somebody pulled over and were going through their vehicles or shining lights into the faces of passengers on the highway and off the highway. Did I mention the Bell Jet Ranger operated by the CHP orbiting many of the favorite areas? There was also a Robinson flown by the Sheriffs dropping in on people. Okay I got it, I just don’t like it…………

  2. johnnyS
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    It is still great. Though there are some changes still my friends and I enjoyed the event

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