Off-Road Overhaulin’ Dodge

BDS Suspension recently got involved on a truck buildup on the Outdoor Channel’s Off-Road Overhaul show. The recipient of the off-road makeover was Markus Voegler and his 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Powerwagon.  When Mike Duval, host of the show told us about the project we jumped on board with a complete long arm kit to outfit the truck. If you haven’t checked out the show look for it on the Monday nights at 5:30pm, 9:30pm, 12:00am, and 2:30am (EST).

We recently received a message from Markus that read  “I am not sure where to start, I am one of the lucky people chosen to have my vehicle overhauled for Offroad Overhaul on Outdoor Channel.  The vehicle is a 2008 Dodge Powerwagen.  The vehicle was outfitted with a 6 inch BDS Suspension long arm.  I wanted to take a moment and Thank You for setting me up with such a killer suspension system!!  The truck rides nice and just tackles everything I throw at it!!! There are no words to express my thanks and graditude.   Jon Aronson, Mike Duval, and crew are some of the greatest people I have been around.  I just wanted to let you know that your sponsor support for the show is truely appreciated and speaks volumes for your company!..  I will promote BDS Suspension at every opportunity and my rig is sporting the BDS Decals to boot.  Thanks Again for hooking me up with such a great and high quality suspension system.  You guys rock!!” -Markus Voegler

Thanks Markus, we love the truck and congrats on the overhaul.

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  1. rockzuk
    rockzuk at | | Reply

    Thank you for your dedicated services Markus!

    After watchin this episode, I now now what the term “Flat Lander” means! Not only is that truck virtually useless off road, the “trails” where tested were no worst than most country roads, the same roads people drive their grocery gettin cars.

    Have fun with your truck, Markus, and remember, cool people DON’T drive around with their tow mirrors flipped out, unless they’re towin!

  2. BillT
    BillT at | | Reply


    Not sure what you mean by virtually useless. 35″ tires, lockers front and rear, 12,000# winch, auto swaybar disconnects, etc. adds up to a pretty stout trail rig. Do you have something better that the ‘cool’ people drive? Oh, sorry…I see it’s time for you to get back to your remedial reading class…toad

  3. Mike Duval
    Mike Duval at | | Reply

    Part of being in an off road “community” (which I am) is accepting the fact that everyone has an opinion and one man’s ride may not be for everyone. We NEVER trash the vehicles we build on the show because of liabilities and after all, that’s the owner’s job, isn’t it?! I certainly appreciate the work invested from the most basic rig to the ultimate off road machines we often see, but will never own. Our purpose is to give a deserving person a chance to get a jump start on their vehicle’s build. FYI, Markus’ Power Wagon IS one of the best off the shelf off road trucks out there. Kudos to Dodge for factory outfitting it with so many functional accessories. Finally, the BDS kit took it over the top with added clearance and a ride second to none. Keep up the rants, they’re entertaining!!

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