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  1. ben austin
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    Who doesn’t like a muddy jeep but still don’t think it beats the 4 door JK. Does any one know what all done to it besides the lift. I love the look of it and was wondering if someone could tell me. What’s all on there. My car just died and I’m looking at Jeeps. I’m 19 so ya I’m not going to get a jk but hey got to start somewhere. Well hopefully someday I’ll be able to have some close to that jeep. Hey everyone needs a dream. Well thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Jim Van Bladel
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    all that was done to this truck was the 3″ BDS lift and 35’s. he just bought the truck this year and those were his first modifications. we put this lift on with a few of the students that built our XJ.

    Jim Van Bladel
    Hersey High School
    Technology Education

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