Off-Road Overhaul’s Mike Duval speaks about BDS

We love hearing back from our customers as well as installers on why the chose BDS Suspension and the reasons they recommend it to their friends. Mike Duval, all around good guy and host of Off-Road Overhaul on the Outdoor Channel had this to say just the other day:

BDS makes some of the best suspension products on the market today. We were fortunate enough to have them on board as a sponsor for 2 seasons of “Off Road Overhaul” (not Off Road Overhaulin’). I found the product to be well thought out and easy to install with great instructions. One thing I find lacking today in many companies is customer service. BDS has re-defined customer service with exceptional staff and a product warranty second to none. Parts were always in stock and ready to ship on a moments notice (which was often required due to deadlines). We tested all the suspensions we installed in an off road environment with no issues whatsoever. BDS is a “Bad-Ass” suspension company that does it right!”

Mike Duval, Host
Outdoor Channel’s Series “Off Road Overhaul”

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