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  1. Mark
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    Installed on 2004 WJ. Issues:

    1) Some grinding of original stabilizer mount on axle was required for a Center Stabilizer Bracket U-bolt to seat on axle tube. Alternatively, the Center Stabilizer Bracket could have been mounted with a gap between it and the Axle Center Section, but the instruction say to make sure there is no gap. I used Dremel thin cutoff wheel and small cone stone.

    2) Instructions say to position Tie Rod Brackets 1/8″ from Adjusting Clamps. Not possible on passenger side due to reduced diameter of Tie Rod where stock Damper Mount Clamp was (instructions say remove the stock Damper Mounting Clamp). Not possible on driver side because that shock will hit the extension limit before full left turn is reached. The solution was to position the passenger and driver Tie Rod Brackets so that each shock is extended 4″ when the steering is centered (I measured from the lip of the curved disc under the mount eye to the beginning of shock body where the piston rod enters).

    3) One of the shock metal bushing spacers got distorted when being torqued.

    4) Missing Flat washer in one of the Shock Mounting Hardware kits (the top washer with the smaller diameter hole that comes in the box with the shock).
    All Steering Parts are new on the Dana 30 (Drag Link Ends, Tie Rod Ends and Ball Joints) so there is not a great propensity for Death Wobble. This kit may be overkill. That is OK!

    I like the design of this kit because 1) It abandons the use of the factory Stabilizer Mount on the Axle providing a clean start and great look and 2) both shocks act in-line with the Tie Rod movement providing maximum utilization of the dampening power of the shocks. The old set-up was a stock stabilizer plus an additional shock mounted to the Drag Link and Track Bar and it operated at a considerable angle.

    1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
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      Thanks for the feedback Mark, I’ll be sure to get them over to our tech team to look into. If you need the hardware pack for the missing parts you can contact them at (517) 279-2135

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