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  1. chuck
    chuck at |

    where can I purchase a 4” lift kit for my 2013 f-250

  2. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    Hello Chuck,
    You have a few options to purchase the kit for your Super Duty. If you’re in the US, the first is to log on to our website, http://bds-suspension.com. You can price the kit with available options and have it shipping to your home (you pay shipping) or your local BDS dealer (we cover the shipping). The second option is to purchase from your local BDS dealer, which can be found throughout the US, Canada, and at specialty shops around the world. To find a dealer near you head to http://bds-suspension.com/distributor-lookup and to price the 4” kit on our website click here, http://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=588H

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