BDS Outback Adventure Recap 9/26/09

We took Ultimate Adventure TJ out for another carnage filled weekend at the Meridian Outback Off Road Adventure Park in Six Points, PA. This was the final event at the park for the 2009 season. This was the first Adventure weekend where it rained most of the time to make the rocks and trails that much more challenging.

Unfortunately, mid-day Saturday, we successfully stripped the teeth off the Dana 35 ring gear on the TJ while trying to take the most difficult line and a rocky climb. We were able to drive it off the trail and almost did a field repair on the gears, but decided our time was better spent getting back out on the trails with the crew from Meridian Off Road.

This weekend was the first time they opened the second 500 acres of park, now making it nearly 1000 acres of mild scenic trails to the more extreme trails. So far they have added one stock loop and a modified and extreme trail to the new property.

It will be exciting to run the trails that get cleared for the next year at the BDS Outback Adventure. We’ll see you there!

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