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  1. Troy Mallette
    Troy Mallette at |

    Is there anything out yet or in the works for 2014 air ride suspension from factory.

  2. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    At this point we don’t have anything available for the rear of the air-ride equipped Rams

  3. Brian
    Brian at |

    Do you have anything for the front of the Ram 1500 crew 4×4 with 2014 air ride suspension? You specify not for the back yet, so if you do for the front please let me know


  4. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    At this point we haven’t tested or developed kits for the air-ride equipped Ram 1500 so we can’t guarantee fitment of any parts. The suspension design is similar, however the front air struts and rear airbags cause an issue because our kits use replacement rear coils. The front air strut mounts into the OE location so likely our top mounted strut spacer will work and in the rear it would require a custom bracket to reposition the airbag mount (plus possible air-line extensions). We have heard of customers installing our kits on air-ride equipped trucks, but they removed the air-ride elements and went to our front Fox coilovers and rear coil springs (which would eliminate the air-ride all together).

  5. Rich
    Rich at |

    Any update on options for the air suspension equipped Rams?

    They are no longer allowing customers to delete the air ride from the Limiteds, so there is growing market demand.

    I’m about to purchase a Limited and need to figure out how I can fit 35×12.50×20′s on it!

  6. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    @Rich, no update as of yet. Unfortunately its not a vehicle we have been able to get our hands on. While it is an innovative option, production and availability is still dwarfed by the standard strut/coil equipped model Ram 1500s.

  7. Dustin Crain
    Dustin Crain at |

    I too would love something that retains air-ride but lifts the truck. 2014 Limited

  8. Rod bien
    Rod bien at |

    Thought I’d check in again to see if there is any luck for trucks with air suspension? Let’s get this Rollin’!!

  9. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    We did get an air ride equipped RAM 1500 in the R&D shop recently, unfortunately company policy dictates we can’t discuss what kits may or may not be in the works until parts are in the shelf available for sale.

  10. Patrick Mulhearn
    Patrick Mulhearn at |

    I need a lift as well for my 2014 limited with air suspention. Please advise when u get it.

  11. Rodeo
    Rodeo at |

    What are the pros and cons to adding a 4 in lift to the 2014 Ram 1500 2WD Ecodiesel? I’ve read things about ball joint issues…..please advise

  12. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    @Rodeo, unfortunately we don’t offer any kits for the 2WD RAM applications. Our kits are designed for the 4WD trucks only that use a different suspension setup.

  13. Memo
    Memo at |

    Any more updates for us guys with the air suspension on our rams

  14. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    We have had the opportunity to design kits for both the air suspension equipped and the EcoDiesel equipped 2014 RAM 1500 trucks. Unfortunately company policy dictates we cannot discuss kit details, pricing, or expected release dates until we have parts on the shelf available for sale.

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