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  1. mike Wannett
    mike Wannett at |

    hello I have a 2014 ram 2500 with 5.7 4×4 I have a different of about 3″ front to rear so I was looking for a 2.5″ leveling kit. Does ur kit lower the rear to make up for that .5″ do you have a 2.5″ kit ? What would you recommend for me to use. If I can I would like to soften up the ride also thanks

  2. Carter
    Carter at |

    Hey Mike,
    Based on the trucks we’ve measured/tested the trucks sit 1.5-2” tail high from the factory. Our leveling kit for the 2014 RAM 2500s is designed to lift the front 2” and 0” in the rear for a near level stance. Being that you’re truck sits 3” tall in the rear our leveling kit will still sit about 1” tail high.

  3. Ron Cavaness
    Ron Cavaness at |

    My truck is about like you say about three in hight in the rear I was need to raise it too level it up . A friend of mime got. A 2013 like mine they both got. Diesel. He level is and it off Internet

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