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The truck looks and rides awesome. Your company makes a good product. Everyone I have talked to seems to have nothing but good things to say about BDS. I have about 600 miles on my truck now since it was lifted and probably 100+ miles of that is on rough back country dirt roads and some miles on 4×4 trails only. With the 35×12.50R18 Toyo Open Country M/T tires I had minimal rubbing on the stock front mud flaps but I took those off and now there is no rubbing. The rims have a -14 backspace which equals about a 5 1/2″ backspace. I have driven through ditches as I was turning and have had no rubbing since I removed the front mud flaps. Good job on an awesome product!  I am very impressed.

Brandon Hayden
Phoenix, AZ
2008 Tundra w/ 7″ lift
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Toyota Tundra w/ 7" lift
Toyota Tundra w/ 7" lift

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  1. Ed
    Ed at | | Reply

    Wow!!! Nice lift. I own a 07 tundra and was looking into the BDS 7 ” Lift. I am from Arizona myself….west valley. Is there anyway I can see your lift on your truck? cell 714 293 7231. Text me if I can. thanks

  2. Pete
    Pete at | | Reply

    Truck looks great. Tires and lift are a perfect match but I was wondering what is the width of your rims?

  3. Pete
    Pete at | | Reply

    Sorry forgot to include contact info: Thanks!

  4. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    Brandon sent in these photos and testimonial back in 2009. While he didn’t list the wheel size they seem to me to be 18×9 on 35×12.50×18 Toyo M/Ts based on the amount of tire bulge in the photos. He listed it had –14 offset giving around 5.5’’ backspacing on his Tundra. Hope this help and let us know if you have any other questions on the Tundra lift.

    1. Austin
      Austin at | | Reply

      I am looking to purchase the 7″ lift kit for my 2015 Toyota Tundra but I don’t want to replace my tires just yet. I am currently running a 18×9 wheel with 0 offset and a 295/70/18 tires (Nitto trail grappler M/T). I was wondering if you would have any input on if this tire would look to small with that much lift? I don’t want a funny looking truck (big lift small tires) for the next couple years being that the tires are fairly new.

      1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
        Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

        Hey Austin, that setup won’t look out of place at all. While the 7″ kit can fit up to 37s, 35s are more common to keep from potentially needing to trim the fenders slightly. The 295/70r18 measures out to roughly a 34.5″ x 12″ tire

  5. Cason
    Cason at | | Reply

    when you say -14 offset and 5.5″ backspacing what does that mean exactly? im looking at putting this kit on my 2010 tundra but i want 37×13.50’s on either 18’s or 20×10 or 9.

  6. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    Hey Cason, Backspacing vs. Offset is a pretty common topic of confusion. I’m going to include a link to good information explaining the difference, and I’ll do my best to explain it in a simplified way.
    Both have to do with how far in or out the rim will stick out of the fender, backspacing is typically done in terms of inches, while offset is done in millimeters. Backspacing refers to the distance from the inside edge of the rim to the mounting service. The larger the backspacing, the narrower the track width and the tires get sucked tighter into the fenders. Offset refers to the distance of the mounting surface from the center line of the wheel, the greater the negative offset the more the wheel will be stuck out, the greater the positive offset will tuck it inside the fender more. Hope that helps, check out the link above for more info…

  7. Cole
    Cole at | | Reply

    I just had the lift installed and i ran across a good deal on a set of 305-55-20 “33×13.00” nitto trail grapplers and i love the way the lift performs and the way it looks i just want a little more altitude with it. I really want to run 37’s but the only thing that im skidish of is that my wheels are 20×10’s with a -12mm backspacing which is 5″‘s. I did have it rub a little on the plastic on the front with the tires i have now is the only reason i dont have 37’s but im putting 35’d on next week and going from there but all in all the lift is a great like love the ride love the off road capabilitys and articulation the lift lets the truck have



    This is the end result and i am very satisfied but just curious if i can go with a 37

  8. BDS
    BDS at | | Reply

    Hey Cole,
    The 37’s do fit, but are pretty tight on the Tundra with the 7” kit on a 6.25” BS wheel. Typically it requires a small amount of trimming with any wheels with smaller backspacing. 35’s still look great on the truck with the 7” kit, feel free to look at some of the Tundras in Bad Ass Rides and submit your truck…

  9. Lyla Burns
    Lyla Burns at | | Reply

    This looks like a pretty sweet truck. I can’t tell if it has amp power steps that come out or not. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at this on my phone, but I’m interested in knowing whether it does or not. I really like the color as well, and it looks well taken care of.

  10. Ben
    Ben at | | Reply

    Those wheels only come in +14 and +30 offset. My guess would be he got +30 offset and added 1.5 inch wheel spacers which would put him right about a -8 offset. Really like the look though!

  11. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    We installed a 7″ w/ c/o kit for a customer. He purchased it from a local dealer. Everything went on smoothly, except the left front was noticeably lower. About 1.75 inches lower then the right. We Jacked up the left side coil until the ride height on both sides were the same. The right side coil was cranked about 2 inches more then the left. Has the other shops been doing this too?

    1. Alex
      Alex at | | Reply

      Oops, sorry this was a Toyota Tundra that we were working on

      1. Carter @ BDS Suspension
        Carter @ BDS Suspension at | | Reply

        Hey Alex, the kit/coilovers should be preset to the correct ride height right out of the box, there shouldn’t be any need to adjust preload to set the ride height. I’d recommend reaching out to our sales/tech support team with more info on the topic so they can look into it further. You can reach them at (517) 279-2135 or

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