Update SEMA 2009

BDS achieved a milestone as, after 15 years of being in the suspension business, this was our first trip to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show.  Our decision to attend was directly related to our growth and status in the suspension aftermarket arena. As one of the top 5 producers of quality aftermarket suspensions we felt the time was right to put our program on display for the rest of the world to see.

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Right from the opening bell traffic to the BDS booth was steady.  The most common line as people arrived at our booth – “WOW, finally a vehicle that looks like it can be used” This statement was repeated over and over again as attendees viewed the BDS TJ with the 6.5” long arm kit on display in a completely off-camber mode complete with the mud and dirt acquired during the week of the Ultimate Adventure.  If the dirty jeep was not impressive enough, people flocked to the video being displayed filled with thrilling footage of off-roading events.

Our goal of presenting the BDS program to as many new retailers as possible was a definite success. With the most common complaint being the inability to get product once it had been sold, attendees were excited to learn of the BDS longstanding policy of “If it doesn’t ship same day it’s FREE”! For those that hadn’t heard we were able to demonstrate the breadth of our product coverage, the completeness of our suspension systems and the ease of use of the BDS website. We put the icing to the program as we explained the quality of our product and how we backed that quality up with our unmatched, Industry leading warranty.

At the end of the day it was easy to understand why you would see 2 overweight guys, in BDS shirts, shuffling really tired feet, exiting the Exhibit Hall with smiles on their faces. Our mission to get in front of new and existing customers was being accomplished as only our wildest dreams could have imagined.  We could feel the excitement as retailers came to understand we not only have product in stock, but stood behind our product like no other suspension company on earth. What a great feeling. What a great  week!

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