Matt Evans Down and Dirty Cherokees

Matt Evans of Genoa, IL is a true BDS fan. We just received these pictures of Matt’s ’98 Grand Cherokee with a 4.5 inch BDS lift and his ’98 Cherokee with a 6.5″ BDS lift. Matt’s a wrencher and a founding member of Down and Dirty Offroad club. “I started Down and Dirty Offroad not only to have a club and get to know new people, but to give back to the community. That’s what this fantastic hobby is all about, giving back to the community and Mother Earth.”  Matt’s favorite place to wheel is Cliff’s Insane Terrain in Marseilles, IL.  For club events or more information, visit their website


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  1. Colton
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    For someone who wants to “give back to the community” he sure does do a good job of stealing other jeepers money.

  2. BDS
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    @Tarl Miller
    We’re sorry to hear you guys had trouble dealing with him on, we wish you guys luck in coming to a resolution on this. We choose to show off customer builds on our blog along with their testimonials when and if is in fact a case of fraud than we are sorry to hear about it as it discourages others from interacting on the site. Please understand that we are simply displaying the photos and testimonial of customers as a way to promote our products and give their feedback and in no way are endorsing Matt or

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