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  1. logan richards
    logan richards at |

    awesome! what size tires are shown on the black f150 in the pics?

  2. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    @Logan, this truck is running 35×12.50×20 A/Ts on 20×9 BMFs

  3. Roger Brooks
    Roger Brooks at |

    Can the factory 18 inch wheels be used with the kit

  4. BDS Suspension
    BDS Suspension at |

    The stock 17s and 18s cannot be reinstalled with this kit due to a clearance issue with the new steering knuckles to keep the kit FMVSS No.126 (ESC System) compliant. For more on the topic contact BDS tech support at (517) 279-2135

  5. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    What is the backspacing on the wheels on this black f150?

  6. Carter @ BDS Suspension
    Carter @ BDS Suspension at |

    That’s the 20×9 BMF Rehab wheel, I believe that have a 4.5” backspacing but I’d recommend verifying with BMF

  7. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Also….on the 4″ kit is there any welding/cutting?

  8. Carter @ BDS Suspension
    Carter @ BDS Suspension at |

    There is some cutting/welding required when installing the 4” and 6” systems. The factory rear crossmember needs to be cut and a support brace welded in to allow clearance for the front driveline once differential is repositioned with the lift. We have the step by step installation instructions available at http://bds-suspension.com/instructions/023622.pdf and if you have any questions BDS tech support can be reached at (517) 279-2135.

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