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  1. mark devillier
    mark devillier at | | Reply

    Does it make any sense to get a tss or trd pkg when most everything is changed out underneath?

    Which lift would you recommend on a 2015 cm platinum Tundra with 35x20x10 or 12’s?
    Version 1 – 7″ …… or version 2 – 7″ w/coil over?

    I really like Shanes rig featured in your blog.


  2. Douglas Young
    Douglas Young at | | Reply


    I have a 2015 Toyota Tundra 1794 that I would like to equip with a BDS 4.5″ lift. Your website recommends a wheel with 5.5″ backspacing. Do you know how far a 35×12.5×18 tire would stick out past the fenders and if I went to the same size wheel that had 6″ backspacing would I run into some clearance issues? I am not finding many pictures of your 4.5″ kit on the web.


  3. Douglas Young
    Douglas Young at | | Reply

    Shane’s truck looks awesome! I would love that look on my pickup, but with the 4.5″ lift and 35’s.

  4. Gave
    Gave at | | Reply

    Definitely like this stance, I have a 14′ Platinum crewmax. Still debating on a suspension kit and don’t know what to go with. A 6’in or the BDS 7’in (standard kit), just been reading reviews and looking at pictures. But also looking for that smooth ride for our family adventures. Please help me choose a kit.

  5. Gabe
    Gabe at | | Reply

    Definitely leaning towards this kit, I already have my nitto 35’s and 20×10 fuel vapors. Just looking to choose a kit that will also be a good nice ride on family adventures. Please help me 🙁

  6. Ricardo
    Ricardo at | | Reply

    Anyone have any idea what width and offset Shane went with on the Monster 538BM wheels? Much appreciated.

  7. Jim
    Jim at | | Reply

    Would I be able to fit 37” tires with a 22” rim with this lift kit?

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