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  1. Christopher Gonzales
    Christopher Gonzales at | | Reply

    What is the price for this system?

  2. mike
    mike at | | Reply

    I just saw a youtube video on the install of the dual 9500 system on a superduty. I was impressed with the brackets and componets having installed competing products on simular trucks. I especially like the bracket that mounts to the diff housing and the stabilizer mounting center plate…that aint going anywhere..its locked down. All competitor products have to be rechecked often as the center plate will move. SO, how can I get one for my 2010 f-450 4wd. what part number kit do I need. please advise.

  3. Chris (Brian) Hanks
    Chris (Brian) Hanks at | | Reply

    Do any of these kits fit stock height 2000 f350?

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