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  1. Dom
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    Wish wait longer but my bds lift in. Would went for this lift. Have f250 2015 put living 2.5 left in bad vabrations. Lot hard get right balance being reg cab deaseil truck. So took out put 4inch bds with drop bracks. Got rear leafs same dam prob. I not happy with rear lefts. Sag towing any load. Front spring hanger eyes hole bigger dimater then the leaf eyes on front. Bds fix use washer tight up. Gurr when work truck want last don’t want loose replace my factory hangers. So pissed at that. Not look for looks need truck hight and can work it hard.

  2. Dom
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    Had one heck time get right blocks to just never had my drive line angle need for right blocks on my 2.5 levelling kit that way whent for leaf spring wish bds made 5 block with 2.3 degree angle for guys run reg cab trucks.

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