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  1. Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson at | | Reply

    Need a 10/12 inch lift kit for a 2016 ram 2500 Cummins.

  2. Rodolfo
    Rodolfo at | | Reply

    What’s the 8″ lift consist of. 2012 Cummins 2500

  3. Fermin Cardenas
    Fermin Cardenas at | | Reply

    Are these kits compatible with auto leveling suspension on the rear of the 2500?
    My model truck is… 2016 Mega Cab Limited 4×4 with auto leveling suspension?

  4. Jay
    Jay at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 ram crew cab 2500 3/4 ton diesel with auto level in the rear. Will they be offering a 3-6 in lift for the 2500 with auto level? If so when how long before it’s available?

    1. Fermin
      Fermin at | | Reply

      Hello there, we have similar trucks and I myself am looking for a 6 inch lift. No luck yet but let me know if you find something.

  5. Al Moore
    Al Moore at | | Reply

    Good day,
    I have a 2016 RAM 2500 MEGA Cab.

    1. Does your lift kit address adjusting the carrier bearing to elimiate roll-off shuttering?

    2. What size lift would you recommend to run 37″ tires?


  6. Majid
    Majid at | | Reply

    I’m looking for 3″ lifting kit for my 2015 ram 2500 6.4 gas engine

  7. Steven Bowdich
    Steven Bowdich at | | Reply

    I am looking to raise my 2016 Ram powerwagon about 3 inch higher is there a kit for a power wagon ?

  8. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    Do you happen to have a small lift for a ram limited to also lift the rear with air shocks?

  9. Jake
    Jake at | | Reply

    I’m looking to swap my 6″ lift onto a buddies truck as I’m going back stock. Will my lift on 2013 Ram 2500 fit his 2016 Ram 2500 mega cab?

  10. Ben
    Ben at | | Reply

    Any update on late model power wagons? 2016 to be specific.

  11. Jay
    Jay at | | Reply

    Im looking at the 8″ kit for a 2016 2500. Im sure i dont have air ride.
    Just wanting to know what the best setup is. Ive seen the options being offered outside of the kit ie radius arms and steering stuff.
    Need to know the best setup for ride comfort as i will be mainly doing very long trips and need a comfy ride plus the height.
    I was looking at the Fox shocks option as well.
    Im based in Australia and not a lot of guys know much about the RAMs here therefore we cant find much info here.
    Also laws are pretty tough so the setup needs to be solid to pass onroads.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Jay
      Jay at | | Reply

      Sorry i meant the 4-6 inch kit for all 4 corners..

  12. Carl
    Carl at | | Reply

    Hi , I have a 2015 ram 2500 with the 6.4 hemi on rear coils.

    I was wondering how high I can lift it without needing an indexing ring?

    I was thinking 4 or 6 inch…


  13. Ernest
    Ernest at | | Reply

    Still no updates on 2016-2017 power wagon?

  14. David Drummond
    David Drummond at | | Reply

    Hi. I have a 2017 Dodge Ram Power Wagon. Nobody makes a lift kit for it. I need a lift kit. Please make one.. I’m begging..
    Please… please

  15. Greg Bishop
    Greg Bishop at | | Reply

    Can I get a 8″ suspension lift for a 2016 dodge 2500 4wd slt crew cab GAS 6.4 liter. All I can come up with is an 8 ” suspension lift for a diesel. Why is this so?. If I can get the 8″ suspension lift or bigger, could you please give me the part number. Thanks, hope to hear back soon.

  16. John parise
    John parise at | | Reply

    I have 2016 power wagon want 3 in lift

  17. Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox at | | Reply

    Have you noticed the demand for a Power Wagon lift kit? I too am in need of some BDS performance on my 2017 Power Wagon.

  18. jeremy yatsko
    jeremy yatsko at | | Reply

    any updates on the late model power wagon lift kits

  19. David
    David at | | Reply

    Can you give me any direction as to Leveling my 2013 Ram 2500 HD 5.7 HEMI Mega Cab? I would like BDS products if you have something available

  20. Witman
    Witman at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 RAM 2500 6.7l cummins mega cap and I want to upgrade it but I dont know if lifted 4″ or 6″ I want 35″ tire please tell me what you recomend and what do I need

  21. Witman
    Witman at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 ram 2500 4×4 I put it a 2.5 rough country leveling kit and I want to change the 4 shock fox and change the aligment bar but I don’t know which one to buy

  22. Witman
    Witman at | | Reply

    HD adjustable front track bar upgrade and 4 2.0 fox shocks for a 2016 ram 2500 4×4 2.5 leveled

  23. Witman
    Witman at | | Reply

    Thank you Carter but I see a problem I leveled my truck 2.5” know the difference between those shocks are 1” Is that the correct parts

  24. Anthony
    Anthony at | | Reply

    I just recently purchase a 8” four link kit for my 2016 ram 2500 dsl I’m trying to run a set of 22×14 wheels on the truck do you know what size tires I could run without having clearance issues

  25. Will
    Will at | | Reply

    Have 6in pro comp 4link on my 2015 ram 2500 4×4. Looking for adjustable track bar. Looking for 5in or 6in springs too. Pro comp springs suck.

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