Towing With A Lifted Truck: A Guide

One of the common questions we get goes something like this “Will lifting my truck effect my tow capacity?” or “How tall can I lift my truck and still tow my gooseneck trailer?” or even “What will my tow capacity be after lifting my truck?” Well, to be honest those are all loaded questions that will require digging in for a better understanding of your particular needs.

Products Built to Tow

Lift Kits

Choose from a wide range of lift heights to fit your needs. All lift kits maintain factory load capacity and tow ratings.
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Adjustable Shocks

FOX DSC adjustable shocks provide improved ride quality and ability to increase stiffness to accommodate for heavy loads and trailers.
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Traction Bars

Don't get stuck off-road! Reduce wheel hop and increase traction with adjustable tension traction bars to handle any load.
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