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2021-2022 Ford Bronco 2 Door

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Kit Photo

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Kit Photo

3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System 3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System 3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System 3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System 3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System


BDS Suspension Lift Kit Warranty

No Fine Print Warranty

All BDS Suspension lift kits come with the security of knowing you purchased the finest lift kit in the aftermarket suspension industry. We back our commitment to engineering reliable, quality 4x4 off-road Jeep and truck suspension products with our unique "No BS Hardcore Lifetime Warranty".

If you are the original purchaser of any BDS lift kit and it breaks, we will give you a new part. Period.

STEP 1: Choose lift height

2" to 6.5" Coil-Over Lift Kits

  • Price $0.00

  • Base Kit Id BRONCO
  • Pre-Launch ALERT!

BDS is excited to bring several new kits to marketing for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco.

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For the bigger Bronco, both the 2Dr and 4Dr, our goal is to Up the performance and capability. While independent front suspension and rear 4-link with four-corner coilovers is noteworthy right out of the gate, we plan to take that further. Improve travel, better damping, more adjustability. All of the BDS systems will include FOX coilovers at each corner for next level ride quality and performance to go way beyond what the stock shocks and Sasquatch shock packages offer. We'll be offering several lift kits from the 2" all the way up to 6.5" allowing clearance for up to about 40" tires. Additionally we'll be offering upper control arms and other accessories to enhance its capabilities.

As with any manufacturer, the more complex parts take longer to develop, test and ultimately bring to market so things like the FOX coilovers and replacement steering knuckles will have a longer lead time. Initially you'll see us come to market with performance upper control arms designed to increased travel that can be paired with all of our lift packages.

In the Q4 of 2021 we'll have the FOX shock upgrades available along with complete 2-4" BDS coilover systems on the shelf and ready to ship. These systems will utilize FOX 2.5 performance elite series coilovers with the DSC adjustment along with BDS performance series upper control arms among other upgrades these will allow clearance for up to 37s tires and dramatically improve ride and handling of the vehicle. Due to the factory suspension geometry there isn't a ton that is needed on when lifting the Bronco up 4".

Over 4" of lift there are some additional provisions need to be made to correct suspension, steering and driveline geometry. We'll be offering 4.5" and 6.5" lift height suspension systems to include crossmembers, taller steering knuckles, differential relocation, FOX coilovers all the way around with the goal to allow clearance for up to 40" tires. More to come on these taller lift systems, but expect to see them out early 2022.

SHOP | Upper Control Arms

If you are getting one of the early Broncos and want to be considered for product testing you can submit to our R&D Vehicle Form HERE

  • Tire & Wheel Combinations
  • *Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated):
  • View complete Vehicle Fitment Information here

3.5-4.5" Performance Elite Coilover Lift Kit System

  • Price $5,739.85

  • Base Kit Id 1904FDSC
  • Pre-Launch ALERT!

Next Level Performance for your new 2 Door Bronco. Kits begin shipping Fall 2022

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BDS adds next level performance and capability for the 2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door with 3.4-4.5" DSC Coilover Systems. Designed to outperform all on and offroad, these systems build off the stout factory suspension geometry upgrading to FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series (PES) coilover at each corner of the vehicle. With aluminum-bodies, massive 7/8" hardened chrome shafts, and dual speed compression (DSC) adjustment, the coilovers are specially tuned for 2-Door Bronco models. These coilovers come ready to install right out of the box preloaded with coils and mounting hardware for the shocks and reservoirs. DSC allows for easy tuning of high-speed and low-speed compression valving to meet your performance needs in any terrain and match your driving style. Net lift height varies based on the factory suspension configuration as follows: 2-Door Sasquatch-equipped net 3.5" of lift, 4-Door Badlands: net 4" of lift, and 2-Door Broncos with the base suspension: net 4.5" of lift.

Along with the supplied FOX coilovers, BDS has engineered Performance Series upper control arms. The tubular design is specially formed to optimize clearance in a coilover configuration to allow for maximum droop travel along with clearance for a wide range of wheel/tire combinations. Camber angle is corrected at the taller ride height. At the frame mounts, BDS specs vulcanized rubber bushings for smooth, quiet maintenance-free operation in the factory mounts. High-strength FK uniballs add strength and provide more travel than traditional ball joints. BDS Performance Series control arms are finished in a durable gloss black powder coat with an anodized aluminum dust cap. These new systems are design for easy install with clearance for 35-37" tires. Take you Bronco to the next level with BDS and FOX. Kits begin shipping Fall 2022.

  • Tire & Wheel Combinations
  • *Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated):
  • View complete Vehicle Fitment Information here

3-4" Spacer Kits w/UCA

  • Price $1,321.05

  • Base Kit Id 023411

Lift and level your new Bronco with BDS.

023411 4" Kit (2Dr - base shock package)

023351 - 3.5" Kit (2Dr - Badlands w/o Sasq)

023301 - 3" Kit (2Dr - w/ Sasquatch)

Designed to not only provide additional ride height, this 3-4" BDS lift kit for Bronco and comes complete ready to perform right out of the box. The 2-piece strut spacer design maintains ride quality without overextending suspension during down travel. Also supplied are a bump stop extensions to install on each of the struts to properly limit uptravel when pushing the limits with your new Bronco. To take advantage of the suspension travel a pair of BDS performance series upper control arms (UCAs) with FK uniball joints are supplied to bolt into the factory location. Built from 1.5" OD heavy wall tubing with fully welded with integrated support gussets, these UCAs improve suspension travel while providing superior strength, clearance, and styling to the stock arms specially formed to optimize tire clearance. To provide a full solution for your Bronco, a pair of heavy duty tie rod reinforcements sleeves are also include to ensure piece of mind while you're pushing your Bronco to the limit out on the trail. These kits are spec'd to allow clearance for 35-37" tires, however 37s will require modification to the factory intrusion beams (aka the crash bars).

Get your Bronco lifted with BDS Suspension.

  • Tire & Wheel Combinations
  • 37x12.50* w/17x9 and 4.5-5.5" back spacing
  • 35x12.50** w/17x9 and 5-5.5" back spacing
  • *Trimming may be required*

  • Est. Installation: 5-7 hours
  • Difficulty Level (easy 1 - 5 complicated): 3
  • View complete Vehicle Fitment Information here

Glide-Ride Leaf Spring Suspension Systems

Shotpeening increases tensile strength and reduces fatigue while lessening the material thickness required. The thinner material allows for increased wheel travel and provides a softer ride.

Bolt-style leaf alignment clamps prevent leaves from fanning out and allow the leaves to twist and flex, yielding higher articulation.

Each spring is preset using hydraulic stress to reduce fatigue in the steel and prevent sagging.

Some applications include leaf springs with steel encased rubber bushings. Other applications include blue urethane bushings.

Anti-friction pads are placed between the leaves to reduce friction within the spring and noise from metal-to-metal contact.

Tapered and roll-pointed leaves add flexibility and provides an even deflection rate. Tapering allows a smoother transition between leaves as compression takes place, resulting in a softer ride with increased wheel travel.

Pro-Ride Coil Spring Suspension Systems

Springs are either cold wound with chrome silicon 9254 or hot wound with 5160 to guarantee long life.

BDS coil springs are designed to withstand full coil bind. In other words, you can smash our coils to totally flat and they will return to their original height.

A polyester based powder coat is applied to ensure flexibility and durability.

Each spring is preset with a hydraulic stress to reduce fatigue in the steel and prevent sagging.

Shotpeening increases tensile strength and allows for maximum wheel travel without sacrificing the life of the spring.

BDS Suspension american flag image

We make every effort to buy American and we hope you do as well. Buying American ensures that you are getting quality products made from quality materials. Just as important is the fact that buying American keeps your hard-earned money in the American economy. This is one of the biggest ways we as consumers can help revitalize the American economy and strengthen the US dollar. It doesn't matter whether you are buying clothing, groceries or parts for your truck…buy American and buy with confidence that your money will stay in America.

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  • Vehicle Fitment Information

    • 2021 Ford Bronco 2 Door
    • 2022 Ford Bronco 2 Door
    • 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door
    • 2022 Ford Bronco 4 Door

    Vehicle Fitment Information

    • 2021 Ford Bronco 2 Door
    • 2022 Ford Bronco 2 Door

    Vehicle Fitment Information

    • 2021 Ford Bronco 2 Door
    • 2022 Ford Bronco 2 Door