4 Inch Lift Kit | Ford F250 TTB (80-86) 4WD

Brand: BDS
Kit Component List

Subtotal: $1,440.60
4 Inch Lift Kit | Ford F250 TTB (80-86) 4WD

4 Inch Lift Kit | Ford F250 TTB (80-86) 4WD


4 Inch Lift Kit | Ford F250 TTB (80-86) 4WD


Update the style of your 1980-1996 Ford F250 TTB 4WD truck with this 4-inch lift kit from BDS Suspension. Designed to improve stance, performance, and capability, this kit includes everything necessary to set your truck up right with clearance for up to 35" tires.

Up front the lift kit includes Glide-Ride leaf springs, axle pivot drop brackets, forged drop pitman arm for steering correction, bump stop brackets and precision tuned NX2 or FOX nitrogen charged shocks.

In the rear this kit utilizes a high-strength lift block, longer u-bolts and a matching set of NX2 Nitro or FOX Performance shocks.

Glide-Ride Leaf Springs

Built to outperform, BDS engineered the Glide-Ride leaf springs into a multi-leaf progressive spring rate design that provides a smooth ride with any load. This is accomplished with an exclusive triple-stage leaf spring design. Upgrading to BDS Glide-Ride leaf springs will provide flexibility throughout the suspension cycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy, 100% Bolt-on installation
  • Glideride leaf springs to provide full lift height and increased capacity
  • Pitman arm maintains proper steering angles for improved handling
  • Cast steel blocks provide level stance from front to rear
  • Standard NX2 Nitro shocks with vehicle-specific valving for better control
  • Upgrade to FOX 2.0 Performance Series shocks for maximum performance on and off-road

Recommended Tires & Wheels

(Trimming may be required)

  • 35 x 12.5 with 16 x 8 and 4 in. Backspace
  • Front Lift Method : Leaf Spring
  • Rear Lift Method : Block
  • Shocks Included : Yes
  • Front Lift Height : 4"
  • Rear Lift Height : 3"
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