9" Inch Lift Kit w/ 4-Link | FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Conversion | Ford F250/F350 Super Duty (20-22) 4WD | Diesel

Brand: BDS
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9" Inch Lift Kit w/ 4-Link | FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Conversion | Ford F250/F350 Super Duty (20-22) 4WD | Diesel

9" Inch Lift Kit w/ 4-Link | FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Conversion | Ford F250/F350 Super Duty (20-22) 4WD | Diesel


9" Inch Lift Kit w/ 4-Link | FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Conversion | Ford F250/F350 Super Duty (20-22) 4WD | Diesel


Go to new heights with your 2020-2022 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty diesel truck by installing this 9-inch 4-Link lift kit with FOX 2.5 Performance Elite coil-over shocks from BDS. Designed to improve stance, performance, and capability, this kit includes everything necessary to set your truck up right with clearance for up to 40" tires.

Up front the lift kit includes diesel-specific FOX 2.5 coil-overs, 4-Link control arm conversion, forged drop pitman arm and track bar bracket for steering correction, sway bar relocation, brake line brackets, and custom-tuned FOX nitrogen charged secondary shocks.

At this height, the transfer case needs to be indexed to allow use of the factory front driveshaft so an indexing ring and new transmission crossmember are supplied. In the rear this kit utilizes full replacement BDS Glideride leaf springs, u-bolts, brake line brackets and a matching set of FOX Performance shocks.

4-Link Conversion

Convert the factory stamped steel radius arms over to the BDS 4-link to optimize suspension geometry for better handling characteristics while adding strength and stability. This bolt-on upgrade utilizes high-strength 1/4-inch steel brackets that allow mounting of HD upper and lower control arms to correct axle positioning while limiting caster change throughout wheel travel.

FOX Performance Elite Coil-Over

FOX 2.5 Performance Elite shocks offer next level performance for on-road comfort and off-road comfort capability. Tuned and ready to install right out of the box, these bolt-on 2.5-inch diameter shocks are built for abuse and packed with race-proven technology. They include a remote reservoir for additional fluid capacity to keep your shocks running cool so you can push the limits in the rough terrain. The DSC adjuster adds remarkable versatility and precise tuning with a simple twist of either two adjuster knobs, offering 10 separate low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels, with a black anodized aluminum reservoir to increase cooling efficiency.

T-Case Indexing

At this height, driveline adjustments are necessary to allow the use of the factory driveshafts so a precision-built transfer-case indexing ring featuring ARP-studs can clock the transfer case and improve the front driveline operating angle. Additionally, a high clearance transmission crossmember supplied to allow sufficient clearance.

Features & Benefits

  • FOX 2.5 Coil-Over mounts in factory coil bucket location
  • Adds additional secondary FOX 2.0 shock for max performance
  • Eibach coil springs ride smooth through the roughest terrain
  • Heavy duty 4-Link control arms offer improved handling, stability, strength and caster control during wheel travel
  • Track bar relocation bracket and pitman arm maintain proper steering angles for improved handling
  • Glideride leaf springs to provide full lift height and increased capacity with a built in overload spring
  • FOX shocks are fully serviceable and resistant to corrosion and harsh environments.

Recommended Tires & Wheels

(Trimming may be required)

  • 38 x 15.5 with 20 x 10 and 5 in. Backspace
  • 40 x 13.5 with 20 x 10 and 5 in. Backspace
  1. The transfer case indexing ring is designed for diesel models only and will not fit gas models equipped with the 6R100 transmission.
  2. If equipped with a 2-piece rear driveshaft, a carrier-bearing drop kit may be required (BDS123402)
  3. 40x13.50 tires WILL require trimming.
  4. If your truck is equipped with a factory rear sway bar add BDS123009
  5. The indexing ring is not designed for manual shift transfer case models. Modification of the shift cable mount will be required.
  • Front Lift Method : Coil-Over
  • Rear Lift Method : Leaf Spring
  • Shocks Included : Yes
  • Front Lift Height : 9"
  • Rear Lift Height : 8"
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Ranch|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Limited|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Platinum|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2020|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|X|4WD|DIESEL|X|X|X|X|0|148894|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|King Ranch|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Limited|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Platinum|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|X|4WD|DIESEL|X|X|X|X|0|152845|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|King Ranch|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Limited|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Platinum|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2021|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|X|4WD|DIESEL|X|X|X|X|0|152844|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|King Ranch|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Limited|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|Platinum|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-250 Super Duty|X|4WD|DIESEL|X|X|X|X|0|156742|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|King Ranch|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Lariat|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Limited|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|Platinum|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XL|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|2DR|Standard Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Extended Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|XLT|4WD|DIESEL|4DR|Crew Cab Pickup|X|X|0|156741|X|X;2022|Ford|F-350 Super Duty|X|4WD|DIESEL|X|X|X|X|0|156741|X|X