FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Kit - No Lift | Chevy/GMC 1500 Trail Boss / AT4 (19-24) 4WD

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FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Kit - No Lift | Chevy/GMC 1500 Trail Boss / AT4 (19-24) 4WD

FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Kit - No Lift | Chevy/GMC 1500 Trail Boss / AT4 (19-24) 4WD


FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Coil-Over Kit - No Lift | Chevy/GMC 1500 Trail Boss / AT4 (19-24) 4WD


Maximize the performance of your Chevy Trail Boss or GMC AT4 1500 truck by installing FOX Performance Elite 2.5 coil-over kit from BDS Suspension. Designed to improve stance, performance, and capability, this kit includes everything necessary to set your truck up right with clearance for up to 33" tires.

Up front the lift kit includes FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series remote reservoir coil-over shocks and heavy duty tubular upper control arms for increased strength. In the rear this kit utilizes a complementary set of FOX 2.0 Performance shocks for the smoothest ride.

FOX Performance Elite

FOX 2.5 Performance Elite shocks offer next level performance for on-road comfort and off-road comfort capability. Tuned and ready to install right out of the box, these bolt-on 2.5-inch diameter shocks are built for abuse and packed with race-proven technology. They include a remote reservoir for additional fluid capacity to keep your shocks running cool so you can push the limits in the rough terrain. The DSC adjuster adds remarkable versatility and precise tuning with a simple twist of either two adjuster knobs, offering 10 separate low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels, with a black anodized aluminum reservoir to increase cooling efficiency.

HD Upper Control Arms (UCAs)

Built for strength, performance and increased travel, these upper control arms are ready to bolt-in with most leveled/lifted trucks. They use 1.5" OD x .120-wall tubular construction with an indexed ball joint cup to correct the ball joint positioning allowing additional down travel and camber adjustment. At the frame mounting ends are durometer-specific rubber bushings for maintenance-free operation while at the other end a quality greaseable ball joints for smooth, quiet operation and superior durability. Arms are finished in a durable black powder coat with a billet aluminum dust cap ready for installation right out of the box.

Features & Benefits

  • FOX 2.5 Performance Elite coil-overs offer improved damper performance over stock
  • DSC Adjuster allows easy high-speed and low-speed compression tuning for optimal performance in any terrain
  • Performance UCAs increase strength and allow for more suspension travel
  • FOX 2.0 performance series IFP rear shocks included
  • Factory Protection Plus drivetrain warranty included
  • Easy, 100% Bolt on installation

Recommended Tires & Wheels

(Trimming may be required)

  • 295 / 70 with 17 x 9 and 5.5 in. Backspace
  • 295 / 65 with 18 x 9 and 5.5 in. Backspace
  • 295 / 60 with 20 x 9 and 5.5 in. Backspace
  1. Requires a maximum of 5.5" BS Wheel for tire clearance to the upper ball joint
  2. All aftermarket wheels should be test fit prior to mounting the tire to ensure proper clearance to the brake caliper. Some wheel profiles will not clear the brake caliper. These can be test fitted before the vehicle is lifted in a stock condition
  3. Will NOT fit models with a single leaf spring (monoleaf) rear suspension.
  4. 2.7L Turbo models use Diesel kit for proper skid plate fitment.
  • Front Lift Method : Coil-Over
  • Rear Lift Method : Stock
  • Shocks Included : Yes
  • Front Lift Height : 0"
  • Rear Lift Height : 0"
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